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Internships with Coursework

Internships with coursework offer students the opportunity to enrich their work experience through complementary classroom learning. Study abroad and intern abroad?  Why not do both?

Program Details

Program Types

Affiliated Programs (in-person) and Reciprocal Exchange Programs (in-person and virtual)

Program Lengths

Fall, spring, summer, or academic year


Most in-person programs include housing in an apartment, homestay or dorm.

Language Requirements

Most programs do not require foreign language skills, even in non-English speaking countries, although familiarity with the local language always helps. Some programs combine language acquisition with an internship.


You can learn more about anticipated costs on the Expenses page.

Internship Credit

All internship programs with coursework include credit-bearing classes. Depending on the program, this may range from a full academic load of major-specific courses to a single internship seminar. Students will take courses at the exchange host university or through the sponsoring affiliated program. 

If you want to meet an internship requirement for your major, minor, or certificate through a program abroad, your department ultimately determines whether an internship abroad will transfer back to fulfill a major or minor the internship requirement. Consult your College’s website for specific criteria and requirements for an internship. Some colleges may also require a student to request pre-approval for your internship placement in order to count it toward a degree requirement.

The internship course itself will receive credit, as if it were a class. However, each college or department may have different course numbers. For example, a 20-hour per week internship at a museum could result in 3 hours of upper division Art History credit. Another example, a 20-hour per week internship at a non-profit focusing on human rights could result in credit for LA 320 or three hours of upper division Sociology credit. Students do not submit internship courses for evaluation but rather submit internship course syllabus and description of their work assignment through CourseElectronic Verification Survey obtained by email after the program start.


Students must be enrolled on an approved program for at least 12 credits during the semester and 6 credits over the summer to be eligible for financial aid.

All internship students should check the Funding Resources and Funding for Internships pages for scholarships. Affiliates may have special scholarship programs, including scholarships for diverse and first-generation college students. Browse the affiliate’s website for details.

How to Pick a Program

To determine the best program for you, consider your academic needs, the type of work you want to do, your preferred locations and the type of internship experience you are seeking.  Browse the Internships by Career Field flyers to help find programs that meet your academic and professional goals.

Internships with Affiliated Programs

Affiliated programs offer a cohort-based experience studying with other U.S. and international students with program options in dozens of countries. Many affiliated programs offer part-time or full-time internships in conjunction with coursework. Coursework varies widely by program, but may include major-specific classes, language acquisition, area studies courses and/or an internship seminar.

Domestic and virtual affiliate programs are not approved. Students interested in virtual opportunities can visit the Internships without Coursework page to learn more about approved virtual internship programs.

The following affiliated organizations are approved for in-person programs. Visit the organization’s website for full details and a list of programs with internships.







IES Abroad






Internships with Reciprocal Exchange Partners

Reciprocal exchange programs offer you the opportunity to study alongside local students at more than 130 universities around the globe. Some offer students the opportunity to pursue a part-time internship while taking classes abroad. Virtual programs are approved.

You can view the full list of universities with internships in the Find a Program database.

Get Started

  1. Watch the required Explore - Education Abroad 101 session.
  2. Watch the Explore – Internships Abroad 101 session to learn more about internship program models.

  1. Browse the Internships by Career Field flyers to find programs that align with your academic and professional goals.

  1. Watch the Explore – Regional sessions to learn more about affiliated programs in your regions of interest.
  2. Attend a follow-up live Q&A session with an Education Abroad program coordinator to ask questions, as needed. Dates and times are posted on the Virtual Advising page.
  3. Follow the application process on the How to Apply for Affiliated Programs or How to Apply for Reciprocal Exchange Programs pages.