4 female and 1 male UT students in Cambodia

Short-Term Programs

UT Austin offers numerous short term opportunities that combine rigorous academics with cultural immersion. Short term programs are led by UT Austin faculty or organized by our international partners.

Faculty-Led Programs

Discover the world as you work toward your degree with short-term faculty-led programs during the May Term or Summer semester. Short term faculty-led programs are offered around the world and range from three to 10 weeks. On these programs, you are part of a group of UT students who take a course abroad taught by a UT faculty member.

Exchange Programs

On an exchange, you study at one of our more than 130 prestigious university partners abroad while paying UT tuition. You can take courses on almost any subject, most courses are in English and you study alongside local and international students taking courses in their major, minor and certificate programs. Because you pay UT tuition and can choose from among exclusive institutions, exchanges are among the most affordable and beneficial study abroad options.

Affiliated Programs

Affiliated programs are pre-approved by Texas Global and coordinated by our partners. We work with more than 20 organizations to maximize the variety of programs we are able to offer students. Short term affiliated programs cover hundreds of different topics and can include service learning or internships. Most courses are taught in English but you also have the opportunity to learn or improve your foreign language skills. There are also numerous scholarship and financial aid resources to offset the cost of your study abroad.


International internships enable students to apply what they have learned in classes in a workplace abroad, build their resume, and create a global professional network. There are over 100 programs approved by Texas Global through which a student of any major can be matched with an internship abroad. Students can participate in hybrid programs through affiliate and exchange partners that combine an internship with coursework or pursue a full-time internship. There are numerous scholarships to help offset the cost of interning abroad.

Non-UT Programs

If you want to participate in a program not offered by UT or one of our partners, you must follow these requirements for credit and program evaluation:

  1. Complete the “Non-UT Pre-departure Form” prior to departure to determine credit transferability.
  2. Inform your college or school's advising office (in the office of student affairs or dean's office) that you will be taking a leave of absence.
  3. Contact any scholarship sponsors and/or the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Many non-UT programs are not eligible for federal financial aid. If you need loans to study abroad you should check on this first.

Please email educationabroad@austin.utexas.edu with questions about non-UT programs.