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Apply and Go

Applying to study abroad and preparing to go abroad is a student-driven process guided by professional education abroad program coordinators. Students are expected to ask questions along the way and pay attention to important deadlines. 

Education Abroad Advising

Education Abroad program coordinators are the first step to receive advising support. Attend one of the many information sessions offered to begin your journey. 

How to Apply

Follow step-by-step instructions to guide you through applying for a reciprocal exchange, faculty-led, internship or affiliated program. Browse deadlines and find the right program coordinator to support you.

Study Abroad Credit

Learn how you can receive credit while abroad. Determine which type of program will meet your academic needs and browse courses other UT students have taken abroad.

Non-UT Students

UT Austin hosts non-UT students on several of our exchange and faculty-led programs each year. Check out the current list of programs and the steps to applying and preparing to go abroad.

After Acceptance

While you are waiting to be admitted into your program there are a few things you can begin. 95 percent of all students get admitted to a program, so get a jump on preparing to go abroad.

Register Your Travel

Students participating in travel associated with student organizations, international conferences, and dissertation research do not have to apply to study abroad, but they do have to register their travel. Complete the simple steps to gain clearance to travel abroad.