Studying Abroad for Language Acquisition

UT Austin students can study over 30 unique languages abroad, including highly sought-after languages like Spanish and French but equally important dialects like Twi found in Ghana. Students can begin a language or advance in a language they are already studying. Learning a language can increase your creativity, problem-solving skills and increase your career prospects!

Top ways to study a language abroad

  • Faculty-led Programs: Participate in a faculty-led program sponsored by one of UT’s language departments, see the list below.
  • Exchange Program: Enroll in a university abroad and take language courses in addition to courses for your major, view list
  • Affiliate Program: Study language at a center abroad especially designed for language learning, view partners. Click the partner links to access the information via their homepages.
  • Language Flagship Programs: Unique programs designed to combine language learning and career preparation, view list below, see webpages for details.

Faculty-led Programs:

Language Flagship Programs:

List of Programs for the Top Languages Studied Abroad

Click on the links below to see the list of programs that teach these language.


World Languages Day

A campus wide event that is held annual to highlight options for language learning. Visit the Texas Language Centers' website to learn more about the fair and access other resources for language learning.