Education abroad experiences are critical to gaining an international perspective that will set you apart in your career and help you reach your goals.


One of the perceived barriers to studying abroad is the cost of the program. At UT Austin, we work with students to maximize funding opportunities. Scholarship awards can range from $500 to $4,000, and students are most successful when applying to multiple scholarships. Many scholarships don’t require references. Start scholarship planning one year in advance, if possible. Many scholarship deadlines are the same as the program application deadline – not after. The time you invest is money in your pocket.

Global Assist

An interactive scholarship database students should use for researching and applying for UT Austin scholarships that support global education activities. The majority of UT Austin scholarships for international education are incorporated into this online system.

Apply for Scholarships


*Important: Global Assist works best using the Firefox browser. You may experience problems using Chrome or Edge browsers.

Additional Scholarship Resources

There are numerous scholarships available outside of Global Assist, organized by the following categories:

General Scholarships

Specialized Scholarships

UT Scholars

Pell Grant

Students who receive a Pell Grant are able to use those funds to study abroad on any type of credit-bearing program. Students will receive their full Pell Grant amount while abroad fall or spring and a percentage of their Pell Grant if studying abroad in the summer.

Post-Graduate Opportunities

Explore post-graduate scholarship and fellowship opportunities to continue your learning and service abroad.

Extending Your Scholarship Search

  • Apply for your scholarships at the same time as you apply for your program. Very few scholarship deadlines are after program admissions.
  • Apply for continuing student scholarships through your college or school. Many continuing student scholarships can be used for international activities.
  • Search the UT Texas One Stop Scholarship Finder. Many of these scholarships can be used for study abroad.
  • Apply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship if your experience abroad will include a research component.
  • Apply for Bridging Disciplines Connecting Experiences Scholarships if completing your Bridging Disciplines Program (BDP) abroad.
  • Apply for a scholarship through the Texas Exes. Several scholarships are for study abroad. Use the keyword search to locate opportunities.