Education Abroad Advising

Begin your journey by watching one of our many pre-recorded advising sessions. You can attend a Live Q&A or information session to connect with an education abroad advisor.

Accessing Virtual Advising

  1. Explore Your Options

    Watch Explore Education Abroad 101. This 20-minute pre-recorded session provides an overview of program types, finances, goal setting, and academic integration. It is a required first step on your journey.

  2. Connect with Us

    Come in during the academic year for advising with one of our peer mentors or join us for Education Abroad 101 with Live Q&A to learn more about study abroad and speak with staff about any questions:

  3. Dig Deeper

    Watch a thematic session or attend a live event. The thematic recordings (listed below) and our many facilitated events provide a deeper look at our programs from different lenses.

  4. Apply and Go

    When you have chosen a program, find out how to apply.

Explore – Faculty-Led Programs

This 15-minute pre-recorded session highlights the faculty-led program model and outlines program terms, application process, and benefits of traveling abroad with a UT faculty member.

To get started:

Explore – Internships Abroad

This 20-minute pre-recorded session explores the variety and benefits of international internships. Students can intern abroad as early as the summer after their freshman year.

  • Explore the internships options.
  • Connect with the organizations that provide the internships via their website or virtual events. They can answer most of your questions.
  • Attend the weekly Education Abroad 101 with Live Q&A above.

Explore – Exchange / Affiliated Programs

Exchange and Affiliated partners offer a wide array of program choices. These pre-recorded sessions survey programs by region for semester and summer, including information about academics, culture, and experiential learning opportunities.

Explore by Region

Explore AfricaWatch Session
Explore AsiaWatch Session
Explore Australia & New ZealandWatch Session
Explore Europe (Central and Eastern)Watch Session
Explore France & BelgiumWatch Session
Explore Italy & GreeceWatch Session
Explore Latin AmericanWatch Session
Explore the Middle East & North AfricaWatch Session
Explore Scandinavia / NordicWatch Session
Explore Spain & PortugalWatch Session
Explore UK & IrelandWatch Session:
Semester or Summer

Explore - Business Programs

Undergraduate McCombs Business students interested in learning about business-specific international education opportunities should visit the BBA International Programs Office website for information session details.

Explore - Engineering Programs

Undergraduate Engineering students interested in learning about engineering-specific international education opportunities should visit the International Engineering Education (IEE) website for more information. To make an advising appointment, email


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