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Global Ambassador Program

By sharing your stories throughout your education abroad experience and encouraging others to study abroad, you play an important role in helping to internationalize the UT campus.

You can choose to be featured as a guest blogger or vlogger on the UT Education Abroad blog or to take over Texas Global social media channels. Global Ambassadors who complete program requirements will receive a Certificate of Global Engagement.


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What Can You Do as a Global Ambassador?

As a Global Ambassador, you'll produce about five pieces of content throughout your international experience, with deadlines about once a month. What are some of the creative pieces you can share with Longhorn Nation about your time abroad?

  • Take over Texas Global Education Abroad's Instagram Stories! Show us what your day looks like, from classes to dinner to exploring the sights. Check out Bailey's Instagram Stories takeover for inspiration.
  • Write a blog post for the Education Abroad Blog. Describe your first impressions of your new home, any culture shock you experience, what your classes are like or the latest adventure you went on with your classmates. Read Afiya's blog post for more on her experience in Austria.
  • Share a photo essay with pictures of your new campus, scenes from your walk to your internship, weekend trips to new cities, cultural landmarks, etc.
  • Produce a video describing your experience, academics, concerns for the semester, etc. View Carleigh's vlog from Querétaro, Mexico about why she chose to study abroad.

Why be a Global Ambassador?

Inspire Other Longhorns to Explore the World

  • Foster communication between students thinking of studying abroad and students currently studying abroad.
  • Provide a forum for students to share their academic and intercultural experiences with staff and faculty in their departments, as well as friends, family, and prospective Longhorns.
  • Better illustrate to study abroad candidates what to expect during their time abroad.
  • Encourage reflection on the nature of study abroad.

Personal and Professional Benefits 

  • A reflective tool to document your time abroad.
  • An effective way to keep friends and family back home informed of your thoughts and adventures
  • Great training for the many times you will need to write a case statement, essay, etc.
  • Resume builder for job interviews or graduate school.

Meet the May Term 2024 Global Ambassadors

Abigail headshot

Abigail Tomaski (She/Her) 

Major: Biomedical Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering

Program: Introductory Biology in the South of France in Nice, France 

I am a first-year student at UT Austin studying biomedical engineering and minoring in healthcare reform and innovation. This May, I will be participating in a faculty-led May Term abroad, taking an introductory biology course in the South of France with Dr. Jennifer Fritz. I could not be more excited to explore all that Nice has to offer from its vibrant culture and cuisine, to its unparalleled natural beauty and sightseeing. Through this program, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in Nice and its surrounding biology with excursions like hiking, snorkeling and visiting local museums and research stations. I can’t wait to share my study abroad experience with the Longhorn community. 

Avery headshot

Avery Thorpe (She/Her)

Major: Advertising, Moody College of Communication

Program: Sustainable Fashion in Copenhagen, Denmark

I’m a second-year student majoring in advertising and minoring in history. I developed a great appreciation for European history in high school, which is why I’m thrilled to be traveling to Denmark. While in Copenhagen, I will be studying sustainable fashion and engaging face-to-face with industry leaders to learn more about their design methods. I’m certain the journey ahead of me will be unforgettable and I’m excited to share some Scandinavian insights with my fellow Longhorns. 


Chisom Anaejionu (She/Her)

Major: Human Development and Family Sciences, College of Natural Sciences

Program: Ancient & Colonial Heritage in Latin America: Cultural Treasures of the Maya in Antigua, Guatemala

I am a human development major with a minor in educational psychology. I’m dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of what makes us who we are and how we all relate to one another. When I’m not buried in the books, I’m working out or in the kitchen following a new recipe. I love making things from scratch especially food. 

Giulia headshot

Giulia Mayhua Pezo (She/Her) 

Major: Biochemistry, College of Natural Sciences

Program: Why Leave Home? Irish Emigration to America in Cork, Ireland

I am a third-year student studying biochemistry with the dream of becoming a doctor one day. I am going to be doing a May Term in Ireland for my UGS credit because I need to fulfill the requirement and what better way than going abroad? I’m excited to discover Ireland, which I have never been to before, exploring the natural landscape and learning more about its history. 

Jane headshot

Jane Cleary (She/Her)

Major: Plan II Honors, Women’s and Gender Studies, Spanish and International Relations and Global Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Program: Cuba in Question in Havana, Cuba

I am a third-year quadruple major in plan II honors, women’s and gender studies, Spanish and international relations and global studies. I am originally from Houston, Texas. I have studied abroad twice before (Oxford, England in 2022 and Santander, Spain in 2023), so it’s safe to say I have the travel bug. Upon discovering the “Cuba in Question” May Term, I was captivated by the idea of learning more about a country with such a complex history and unique culture. ¡Estoy emocionada de explorar Cuba!

Kaeli headshot

Kaeli Kampschmidt (She/Her)

Major: Neuroscience, College of Natural Sciences

Program: Introductory Biology in the South of France in Nice, France

Bonjour! I am an upcoming sophomore at UT Austin studying neuroscience and business. I am originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and now I’m embarking on a May Term studying biology in Nice, France. I’m excited to experience evolution, ecology and physiology through France’s native ecosystems. Additionally, as my final project, I plan to investigate France’s honey industry from the flowers and bees to the vendors and consumers. I can’t wait to share my adventures with the Texas Global community. 

Kelly headshot

Kelly Chin (She/Her) 

Major: Exercise Science, College of Education

Program: Exercise and Sport for Health, Fitness and Performance in Seoul, South Korea

I am a second-year kinesiology major from Plano, Texas pursuing a career in occupational therapy. I will be studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea through the Exercise and Sport for Health, Fitness and Performance May Term program and am excited to immerse myself in the culture and gain a global perspective of activities and daily living. As someone who has always dreamed of traveling to Asia, I am thrilled at the opportunity to embark on a journey filled with new adventures, friendships and cultural encounters while abroad. I can't wait to share this once in a lifetime experience with my fellow Longhorns. 

Maheen headshot

Maheen Khan (She/Her) 

Major: Interpersonal Communication, Moody College of Communication

Program: Multiculturalism in Jordan in Amman, Jordan

I’m a Senior at UT Austin, majoring in interpersonal communication with a minor in entrepreneurship. Originally from Dubai, UAE, I am currently embracing the enriching experience of studying abroad in Jordan, where I am diving into the study of Arabic history. This opportunity not only allows me to deepen my understanding of the region's rich cultural heritage but also to enhance my global perspective. As an international student, I am excited to integrate diverse learning abroad into my future career endeavors, connecting with people and fostering innovative ideas across different cultures. 


Molly Dugan (She/Her)

Major: Economics, College of Liberal Arts

Studying at: Bogazici Universitesi in Istanbul, Turkey

I am a third-year economics major from Dallas, Texas, minoring in Russian and pursuing a certificate in applied statistical modeling. I am currently on exchange at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, and am excited to be studying abroad in such a vibrant city. While Turkey’s rich cultural traditions, Boğaziçi’s renowned faculty, and the kindness and warmth of the Turkish people were all compelling reasons to relocate, my decision to study in Istanbul was ultimately rooted in the opportunity to draw nearer to the faith. Thanks for sharing in this adventure with me, teşekkür ederim, and hook ‘em!


Neona Jose (She/Her) 

Major: Major: Biology, College of Natural Sciences 

Program: Ancient & Colonial Heritage in Latin America: Cultural Treasures of the Maya in Antigua, Guatemala 

I am a first-year biology student at UT Austin from Houston, Texas. I am beyond excited to study Maya art and architecture this May in Guatemala and Belize. The Maya had one of the most unique and inspirational civilizations in Mesoamerica and I cannot wait to experience it through their culture, food, rituals and languages. I look forward to conducting my own research through this program on the medicinal practices of the Maya and its correlation to spirituality and the ecosystem. 

Noemy headshot

Noemy Lopez-Martinez (She/Her) 

Major: Sport Management, College of Education 

Program: Exercise and Sport for Health, Fitness and Performance in Seoul, South Korea

I am a first-generation student from Austin, Texas. I am majoring in sport management, minoring in entrepreneurship and getting certified in food and society. I will be studying in Seoul, South Korea for a May Term. I am excited to learn more about the culture, explore a new country and learn more about the kinesiology field. 

Becca headshot

Rebecca Youngers (She/Her) 

Major: Journalism, Moody College of Communication

Program: Documentary Photography Storytelling in Dublin, Ireland

I'm a second-year journalism major pursuing a digital arts and media certificate. This summer I'll be completing a May Term program in Dublin, Ireland. We'll be studying documentary photography storytelling practices at photo museum Ireland in Dublin. We plan to cover a variety of topics including the environment, Irish culture, the housing crisis and the LGBTQ+ community. My group is covering the environment. I chose this program to expand my photojournalism skill set and experience a part of the world that I've always dreamed of visiting. I'm excited to spend a month in such a beautiful country and I'm even more excited to be able to share my experience with the UT Austin community. 

Zoe headshot

Zoe Hardie (She/Her) 

Major: Psychology, College of Liberal Arts 

Program:  Introductory Biology in the South of France in Nice, France 

I am a second-year at UT Austin, majoring in psychology and pursuing a pre-health professions certificate. I’m originally from New York City, New York and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to study biology in Nice, France during the faculty-led May Term abroad program. I look forward to furthering my academic pursuits abroad through experiential learning opportunities, like trips to the Institute de la Mer de Villefranche (IMEV) research station, where we will study sea urchin and ascidian fertilization. The vibrant allure of French culture entices me and I cannot wait to expand my understanding of countries and cultures which differ from my own during my time abroad. 

Some Words of Wisdom

As a Global Ambassador, you represent Texas Global, UT Austin, Texas and the U.S. Therefore, you should avoid content that may be illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringing of intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy or otherwise injurious or objectionable. In addition, do not use the Texas Global brand to endorse or promote any product, opinion, cause or political candidate. You must also adhere to the University Code of Conduct and the Student Honor Code.

Finally, blogging and posting to social media are very public activities. Anything posted on the internet stays there--forever. Deleting a post simply removes it from the platform, but copies of the post may exist scattered all over the internet. As such, never link to something you haven’t read; when you link to something, you should make sure it is something you really want to be associated with, and always keep in mind that you are acting as an ambassador for study abroad at UT Austin. If you are unsure about posting something, ask! You shouldn’t post anything you wouldn't be comfortable with anyone viewing, from your parents to potential employers. Think before you post!

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Videos are a great way to document and share your time abroad as a Global Ambassador. Here are some tips and tricks to recording high-quality videos.

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