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Global Ambassador Program

By sharing your stories throughout your education abroad experience and encouraging others to study abroad, you play an important role in helping to internationalize the UT campus.

You can choose to be featured as a guest blogger or vlogger on the UT Education Abroad blog or to take over Texas Global social media channels. Global Ambassadors who complete program requirements will receive a Certificate of Global Engagement.


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What Can You Do as a Global Ambassador?

As a Global Ambassador, you'll produce about five pieces of content throughout your international experience, with deadlines about once a month. What are some of the creative pieces you can share with Longhorn Nation about your time abroad?

  • Take over Texas Global Education Abroad's Instagram Stories! Show us what your day looks like, from classes to dinner to exploring the sights. Check out Bailey's Instagram Stories takeover for inspiration.
  • Write a blog post for the Education Abroad Blog. Describe your first impressions of your new home, any culture shock you experience, what your classes are like or the latest adventure you went on with your classmates. Read Afiya's blog post for more on her experience in Austria.
  • Share a photo essay with pictures of your new campus, scenes from your walk to your internship, weekend trips to new cities, cultural landmarks, etc.
  • Produce a video describing your experience, academics, concerns for the semester, etc. View Carleigh's vlog from Querétaro, Mexico about why she chose to study abroad.

Why be a Global Ambassador?

Inspire Other Longhorns to Explore the World

  • Foster communication between students thinking of studying abroad and students currently studying abroad.
  • Provide a forum for students to share their academic and intercultural experiences with staff and faculty in their departments, as well as friends, family, and prospective Longhorns.
  • Better illustrate to study abroad candidates what to expect during their time abroad.
  • Encourage reflection on the nature of study abroad.

Personal and Professional Benefits 

  • A reflective tool to document your time abroad.
  • An effective way to keep friends and family back home informed of your thoughts and adventures
  • Great training for the many times you will need to write a case statement, essay, etc.
  • Resume builder for job interviews or graduate school.

Meet the Fall 2023 Global Ambassadors

student with green shirt

Alexis Briley

Major: Biology, College of Natural Sciences

Studying at: University of Sheffield in Sheffield, England

I am a fourth-year biology major from San Angelo, Texas. I have always had a passion for travel and exploring new places and cultures and have dreamed of studying abroad since before arriving to college. I am so excited for my time abroad at the University of Sheffield. I look forward to sharing all of the exciting adventures that I will have while abroad with my Longhorn community. I also look forward to making a new community in a new country. I am especially eager to try new foods and exploring castles while in England. 

Student smiles for camera

Arleana Mweyola

Major: International Relations and Global Studies, College of Liberal Arts 

Studying at: Institute for the International Education of Students (IES Abroad) Program in Rabat, Morocco

I’m a recent graduate with a degree in international relations and global studies with a minor in Arabic. I’m also from Fort Worth, Texas. I will be studying Arabic and French in Rabat, Morocco this fall with IES Abroad. I enjoy learning new languages and cultures so I believed Morocco will be the perfect destination for me to improve my language skills in Arabic, French and even Spanish (which is also spoken there). I am thrilled to cultivate relationships with Moroccans by working and volunteering with people in the community and learning from my peers at the university I will be attending. I look forward to being a Global Ambassador in order to give an authentic perspective of Moroccan culture to students at UT Austin. 

Student in white shirt smiles for camera

Arsalaan Asad

Major: Biochemistry and English, College of Liberal Arts

Studying at: National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan

I'm a fourth-year studying abroad this fall in Taiwan through UT Austin’s exchange study abroad program. With a passion for exploring the interplay between literature and the historical and social contexts that shape it, I am thrilled to delve into Taiwan's rich and diverse literary culture while learning Chinese. Additionally, I've been interested in learning about ways to reduce health disparities targeting underserved groups in the U.S. So, immersing myself in the intricacies of Taiwan's accessible and comprehensive healthcare system is an excellent way to understand what systemic elements can help promote health equity back here in the U.S. 

student in white scare smiles with buildings in background

Blessen Hatch

Major: Merchandising and Consumer Science, College of Natural Sciences 

Studying at: Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona, Spain

I am a senior at UT Austin studying merchandising and consumer science with a minor in global management. I am a licensed Texas real estate agent and have ample experience in finance, retail fashion and entrepreneurship. I am professionally focused on the intersection of commercial real estate and supply chains to support the warehousing of goods and materials internationally. I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures. My explorations led me to Copenhagen, Denmark this past summer, where I completed an internship focused on fashion sustainability and product development. This fall, I will pursue a student exchange program at UPF in Barcelona, Spain, where I will study international business. My vast interests correlate to my continued ambition to learn, contribute and effectively problem-solve. 

Student slightly smiles for camera

Ciaran Chambers

Major: International Relations and Global Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Studying at: University of Freiburg in Freiburg, Germany

I am a third-year international relations and global studies major from England and will be studying abroad in Freiburg, Germany this fall. I have been learning the German language for the past couple of years, so I look forward to practicing my skills this semester. I love to run, play football and find new books to read. I am looking forward to becoming a Global Ambassador and sharing my experiences with everyone. 

Student smiles for camera

Ella Wells

Major: Radio, Television, Film, Moody College of Communication

Studying at: Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea  

I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan but I now call Austin, Texas my home. I am currently a student in the Moody College of Communications at UT Austin studying radio, television and film. I will be studying media and communications at Seoul National University this semester. 

student smiles for camera while wearing winter coats

Emily Perna 

Major: Architecture, School of Architecture

Studying at: University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia

I am a fifth-year architecture major (architecture students have a five-year undergraduate degree). I am from New Jersey, but I have definitely fallen in love with Austin while going to UT Austin. I played on the UT Austin Women’s Club Soccer team for the past four years, was a member of Planet Longhorn and held a few jobs and internships both on and off campus. Some of my favorite things about Austin are the farmer’s markets, Austin City Limits (ACL) music festival, Zilker Park, the warm weather and the tacos. I am excited to explore another city while I spend the fall semester abroad at the University of Sydney, where I plan to learn about architecture from an Australian perspective. Australia has been producing creative design ideas and sustainable technologies and I am interested in how these technologies might be incorporated into sustainable architecture here in the U.S. I am also looking forward to immersing myself in Australian culture, especially surfing and hiking, as well as catching some Women’s World Cup games. It only took four years, but I am happy to finally be taking my studies abroad to Australia. 

Student with hair bangs smiles for camera

Fiona Wyrtzen

Major: Environmental Science, College of Natural Sciences

Studying at: School for International Training (SIT) Study Abroad “Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems and Biodiversity Conservation” Program in Panama City, Panama

I’m a junior majoring in environmental science and minoring in global sustainability from Austin, Texas. I love spending time outdoors, creating art and beekeeping. I choose Panama to continue my environmental education in an ecologically diverse area, where I will get to spend most of my time in the field learning from local Panamanians. I am excited to share my non-traditional semester abroad with the Longhorn community. 

Student in car smiles for camera

Isabella Silveira

Major: Psychology, College of Liberal Arts 

Studying at: Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid, Spain   

I am a senior at UT Austin pursuing my undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in business. I am a bridge student, so I got into my graduate program early, meaning I am simultaneously getting my master's degree in marketing through the McCombs School of Business. I have been a UT Austin cheerleader for the past 3 years and am thrilled to embark on a new journey of studying abroad in Madrid at Comillas University. I am Brazilian, first-generation in America and speak fluent Portuguese. I can communicate in Spanish as well, but am excited to further my language skills while abroad. 

Student in white shirt smiles for camera

Isabella Zeballos

Major: Biology, College of Natural Sciences

Studying at: Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona, Spain

I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. I have two younger sisters who will be attending the University of Virginia starting this fall, and a little brother who will be a junior in high school. My dad was born in Arequipa, Peru and my mom was born in Lockport, New York. I am a biology and government double major, pursuing pre-med and computer science certificates. I currently serve as the vice president for Planet Longhorn, which is UT Austin's international student organization. I’m also an officer for Texas Success for Austin Youth Organization. I enjoy art, soccer and exploring Austin with friends in my free time. I will be studying at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and am so excited to visit my friends abroad.   

student in white vest smiles for camera

Joy Jegede

Major: Finance, McCombs School of Business 

Studying at: Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea

I am a rising senior studying finance and I am spending my second semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea at Yonsei University. 

Student slightly smiles for camera

Kiara Itzel Vasquez

Major: Radio, Television, Film, Moody College of Communication 

Studying at: National University of Singapore in Singapore

I'm a first-generation Latina pursuing a degree in radio, television, and film with dual minors in entrepreneurship and professional sales and business development. My passion lies in nurturing diversity within the media landscape. Coming from the Rio Grande Valley, I'm on a mission to uplift local creatives, amplify their narratives and leave a global imprint while celebrating my Mexican heritage 

Student in orange shirt smiles for camera

Lauren Haughey

Major: Radio, Television, Film, Moody College of Communication

Studying at: Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination des Echanges Franco-Américains (MICEFA) in Paris, France

I am a fourth-year radio, television, and film major and French and studio art double minor from Richardson, Texas. This fall I will be studying French while taking a plethora of French and American culture classes at MICEFA in Paris, France. I love painting, movies and the environment, so I am excited to explore French culture and immerse myself in new academic ventures and activities while abroad. 

student with curly hair smiles for camera

Lazarus Om

Major: Communications and Leadership, Moody College of Communication

Studying at: Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination des Echanges Franco-Américains (MICEFA) in Paris, France

You may call me a sustainable, self-love aficionado. I enjoy exploring, expressing myself through many mediums — such as painting and content creation — and connecting with the natural world. I run my own business, study communication and leadership and am abroad in Paris, France. 

student smiles with green trees int he background

Lola Moreno

Major: Journalism, Moody College of Communication

Studying at: Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination des Echanges Franco-Américains (MICEFA) in Paris, France

I am a third-year, Mexican-American student majoring in journalism from Austin, Texas. I grew up speaking Spanish and English and I plan to learn French when I study in Paris for a year starting in the fall. I am thrilled to study abroad and learn about the many cultures the world has to offer. 

student smiles

Sabrina Mori 

Major: Cognitive Science and Portuguese, College of Liberal Arts; Informatics, School of Information

Studying at: Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea

I am a third-year student studying humanities (cognitive science), Portuguese and informatics with liberal arts honors (LAH) at UT Austin. I was born in Puerto Rico, am part Japanese, grew up in Houston and love traveling the world. Last year, I spent three months in Brazil with the Portuguese Flagship Program where I explored the likes of Florianópolis, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Chapada Diamantina. This year, I am grateful to have spent over a month in Portugal and Spain and then three months in Japan — being based in Kyoto, Sapporo and Tokyo. This upcoming fall, I’m excited to be a Global Ambassador representing UT Austin at Yonsei University in South Korea. Sharing my experiences abroad and tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. I hope to help encourage other Longhorns to pursue their study abroad dreams as well. 

student smiles wearing a green shirt

Summi Man

Major: Government and Asian Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Studying at: Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan 

I’m a fourth-year government and Asian studies double major with a certificate in Japanese, from Houston, Texas. I’m set to graduate right after I study abroad, so I'm super excited to spend my senior year in Japan. I've been studying Japanese at UT Austin for the past three years, so it'll be fun to get the chance to immerse myself in the culture and language. I can't wait to experience life in Tokyo and try lots of delicious food. 

Some Words of Wisdom

As a Global Ambassador, you represent Texas Global, UT Austin, Texas and the U.S. Therefore, you should avoid content that may be illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringing of intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy or otherwise injurious or objectionable. In addition, do not use the Texas Global brand to endorse or promote any product, opinion, cause or political candidate. You must also adhere to the University Code of Conduct and the Student Honor Code.

Finally, blogging and posting to social media are very public activities. Anything posted on the internet stays there--forever. Deleting a post simply removes it from the platform, but copies of the post may exist scattered all over the internet. As such, never link to something you haven’t read; when you link to something, you should make sure it is something you really want to be associated with, and always keep in mind that you are acting as an ambassador for study abroad at UT Austin. If you are unsure about posting something, ask! You shouldn’t post anything you wouldn't be comfortable with anyone viewing, from your parents to potential employers. Think before you post!

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Videos are a great way to document and share your time abroad as a Global Ambassador. Here are some tips and tricks to recording high-quality videos.

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