Veterans Benefits

If you or someone in your family has veterans benefits you may be able to use those financial resources to support your time abroad. We are committed to doing all we can to help you make that determination and have a successful experience abroad.

GI Bill

There are specific requirements an education abroad student must meet in order to use GI Bill benefits to offset expenses.

These requirements include:

  • Students must be enrolled in courses that will apply to their degree program.
  • The program at the “host” school in the foreign country must be approved.
  • The school where you are studying abroad must be a VA approved school.

The VA has additional rules surrounding what specific education abroad expenses it will pay, the percentage of expenses it will pay, etc. Please visit the VA website/page for more detailed information:

Read the Post 9/11 Study Abroad Fact Sheet »

GI Bill Next Steps

  1. Determined if you are eligible to use GI Bill benefits to offset program expenses.
  2. Contact Student Veterans Services to inform them of your intent to study abroad and review the resources provided.
  3. Complete a Foreign Course Approval Form (FCAF) with your Education Abroad Program Coordinator.

Hazelwood Exemption

Students who qualify under the Hazelwood Act are exempted from paying tuition and required fees, provided such students are enrolled in state-funded courses (reciprocal exchange or faculty-led courses). Courses which do not qualify for the Hazlewood exemption include but are not limited to affiliated studies, University Extension, and executive education (option III) graduate programs. The exemption is based on the hours you are enrolled in, and not the amount of the tuition itself.

Hazelwood Next Steps

  1. Review the information provided by the UT Office of the Registrar.
  2. Complete an application for exemption.
  3. Inform your Education Abroad Program Coordinator of your intent to use this benefit towards your program abroad.