Funding Resources for First Generation Students

There are many funding resources to support first-generation students in education abroad programs.

Texas Global First Abroad Scholarship

Apply to the First Abroad Scholarship by November of your freshman year. Twenty-five students are selected each year to receive $3,000 towards a credit-bearing or experiential learning opportunity abroad.

UT University Leadership Network (ULN)

The ULN experiential learning requirement can be satisfied through an education abroad program. Speak to your ULN coordinator about funding and timeline.

Diversity Abroad

This national organization supports students in accessing financial opportunities to learn abroad. Use the interactive scholarship search to find first-generation scholarships.

Gilman International Scholarship Program

UT Austin is proud to be the top-producing institution for the Gilman Scholarship. Many affiliate programs will match or supplement a Gilman Scholarship. Check with your program coordinator for details.

UT Austin Affiliate Partners

Affiliate program provider scholarships are also available to provide academic and career enriching international experiences world-wide. Our partners offer diversity scholarships and grants, in addition to traditional need-based funding.