Graduating Students

Graduating students may have opportunities to study abroad, but there are important factors that must be considered:

  • When you will be degree complete
  • When you want to study abroad
  • What specific department policies exist
  • Your financial aid situation

You should work closely with your academic advisor(s) to ensure you are meeting requirements and following procedures for a successful graduation.

Commencement and Degree Certification

Participating in the commencement ceremony and being degree-complete are different. You must complete all degree requirements and apply for graduation with your college for degree certification, but you could walk at the commencement ceremony before this happens. Please contact the Graduation Help Desk when running into issues related to enrolling in final degree-required courses, credit transferring, or any other barrier between you and completing your degree.

Some graduating students want to participate in their commencement ceremony the same term they plan to study abroad. It is important for them to check their program dates to ensure they do not coincide with the ceremony. Many May term program dates overlap with commencement. Colleges / schools oversee their own college commencement or celebration. Contact your college / school if you have questions about eligibility to participate.

Studying Abroad for Degree Completion

It is possible to study abroad and receive the final credits needed to complete a degree plan. However, it can take some time for our credit team to receive the study abroad transcript from the program. That means degrees cannot be certified the same semester a student earns credit abroad. If you decide to study abroad during your last semester at UT, your degree most likely will be certified the following long term (see chart on this page). Students may need to register in absentia to get their degree conferred. Consult with your academic advisor or your college/school student affairs office about this process.

In addition, many education abroad programs end later than UT terms. This is important to consider if you want to walk in the commencement ceremony. If the study abroad program ends after the UT term, you may be able to participate in the commencement ceremony in the following term (if permitted by your college/school).

If you're studying abroad for degree completion, you should complete the credit checklist.

Chart: Studying Abroad for Degree Completion Guide

What term are you studying abroad?Credit Posted to Transcript and Degree CertificationFinancial Aid EligibleEducation Abroad Scholarship Eligible
May TermLate SummerYes*Yes
Summer TermLate FallYes*Yes
Fall TermLate SpringYes*Yes
Spring TermLate FallYes*Yes

* Always consult with Texas One Stop to verify financial aid eligibility.

Studying Abroad after Degree Completion

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students who meet eligibility requirements can study abroad after degree completion.
  • Graduated students can only study abroad the term immediately following their graduation.
  • Students are not eligible to study abroad two terms following graduation.
  • Example: If you graduate in May, you are eligible to study abroad during the summer term, but not during the upcoming fall term.

You must meet program eligibility requirements, such as:

  • Acceptance into the program
  • Good standing with the University
  • Completion of all study abroad compliance forms
  • Correct registration with UT

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Students who are degree-certified are NOT ELIGIBLE for most forms of financial aid (see the chart under “Credit”).

However, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • You should always consult with Texas One Stop to verify financial aid eligibility.
  • Financial aid for a long-term program can apply to the sub-term program following a long-term graduation (e.g. May term faculty-led program after Spring graduation).
  • Degree-cerfied students remain eligible for Education Abroad scholarships.


If you are already degree-certified, you must register for courses according to your program guidelines. After the program, transcripts will be sent from the study abroad host institution back to the University to be processed by the Education Abroad credit team. Final course grades will be posted to your UT academic records the term after you study abroad.

Chart: Studying Abroad after Degree Completion Guide

What term are you 100% degree-complete?Credit Posted to Transcript and Degree CertificationDegree CertificationFinancial Aid EligibleEducation Abroad Scholarship Eligible
Spring TermMay TermLate SummerYes*Yes
Spring TermSummer TermLate FallNo*Yes
Summer TermFall TermLate SpringNo*Yes
Fall TermSpring TermLate FallNo*Yes

* Always consult with Texas One Stop to verify financial aid eligibility.

International Experiences after Graduation

Graduating students should visit our Postgraduate Opportunities page to explore exciting international opportunities for recent graduates.