Register Your Travel

All student travel to international locations is subject to the Student Travel Policy to International Locations. Please note that this travel policy is separate from the Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) process. Students who are expecting to receive reimbursement from their department for their travel expenses should complete an RTA in addition to the forms required by Texas Global.

Before you proceed, please note that students traveling to a UT-Restricted Region must follow the Restricted Regions Travel Authorization Process for approval. Registration and insurance requirements still apply.

The steps in this process are only for students not traveling to a restricted region and not part of an official Education Abroad Programs or Social Work Field Placements opportunities.

Individual Students

Complete the International Travel Request Authorization Form (ITRAF - Individual).

Group Leaders

Faculty leaders requesting travel authorization on behalf of a student group must complete the International Travel Request Authorization Form (ITRAF - Group)

As part of the ITRAF, you must obtain signatures from your Department Chair. You must also confirm that you have registered your travel information online through the UT International Travel Registry.

Make sure to include your destination(s), UT EID and travel dates in the subject line of your email. For example, "Travel to France, ut1234, 8/30/16-9/12/16." For attachments, make sure your full name and EID are in the title of the attachment. For example, "Joe Smith, js123, ITRAF."

You can submit all documents via email to, drop off your documents at Texas Global or mail them to the address provided in the ITRAF.

All UT students traveling internationally are automatically enrolled in UT Overseas Insurance coverage and required to pay the associated fee of $19 per week). These charges are not included in student tuition and will appear on a student's What I Owe webpage.

Students will be charged for each semester of overseas insurance coverage individually. This means that if a student is studying/researching abroad for continuous academic periods, the student will see a separate charge for each academic period on his/her What I Owe page.

You must obtain authorization before you leave. Authorization will be sent to you via email. The estimated processing time for authorization is four to seven days so make sure to plan ahead to avoid any interruptions in your itinerary.

International Students Traveling Abroad

To determine whether or not you are eligible for a waiver of the UT Domestic (U.S.) student insurance fees while you are abroad, review the guidelines to find your eligibility category and deadline.

For specific questions about insurance, your quickest source for an answer is available at Ask Us.