Health Clearances

Students participating in an official education abroad program that is 15 days or longer are required to obtain a medical exam from a healthcare provider, who will complete and submit the mandatory health clearance form on their behalf. Some programs shorter than two weeks may also require a health clearance. If you're unsure what's required for your program, check with your program coordinator or program faculty leader.

Additionally, the International Oversight Committee (IOC) has the authority to require that students obtain a health clearance before taking part in any UT Austin-related international travel. Information from the health clearance process is confidential and is not used during the application process. Failure to submit a health clearance form by the deadline may result in the student's referral to the Office of the Dean of Students and may result in withdrawal from the program by Texas Global. If you are withdrawn in this instance, you will not receive a refund.

Forms and Deadlines, Making an Appointment

Although not required, we strongly encourage students to complete the health clearance process through University Health Services (UHS)*. 

If you have any conditions that require ongoing treatment or monitoring by a physician or healthcare provider, you may be required to obtain a completed specialist report form in order to obtain clearance to travel abroad. 

*Note: This process can take weeks to complete and appointments at UHS are limited, so we recommend scheduling your clearance appointment as soon as possible. You do not have to have been accepted into your program to begin the health clearance process.

Once your health clearance form has been processed by Texas Global Risk and Safety (GRS), it is valid for one year.

Health Clearance Deadlines

Health clearances must be completed (i.e., approved by GRS) by the following deadlines, so schedule your appointments accordingly:

Fall / Academic Year Programs:June 15
Spring Programs:December 1
May Term Programs:February 1
Summer Faculty-Led Programs:March 15
Summer Affiliate and Exchange Programs:May 1

Tips and Guidelines for the Health Clearance Process:

  • Be sure to complete any required steps as outlined on the UHS Study Abroad Clearances website or by your physician's office prior to your appointment.
  • Print the health clearance form and complete the top portion prior to your appointment. For in-person visits, take the form(s) with you to your appointment. For telehealth appointments, upload the form(s) to your provider portal.
  • Health clearances may be completed up to six months prior to your departure. If you have received a physical in the six months prior to your departure, you may send the health clearance form to your doctor/physician and have them complete it without undergoing a new medical exam.
  • After your health clearance form is received and processed by GRS the health clearance module in the MyAbroad Portal will read "Completed."
  • Please allow 5-7 business days after your form is submitted to GRS for your health clearance to show as "completed".
  • You do not need to obtain a country-specific health clearance. However, depending on your travel destination(s), your healthcare provider may review your immunization records and recommend specific vaccinations in order to clear you to travel.

Submitting Forms

Completed health clearance forms must be submitted by the health care provider directly by mail or email to Texas Global Risk and Safety. GRS cannot accept health clearance forms directly from students.

The provider can send forms to GRS in one of the following ways:

Who Can Complete Your Health Clearance Form

To expedite the process, we strongly encourage students to complete their health clearance through UHS. However, students may opt instead to visit another local clinic or their primary care physician to complete the health clearance process. 

Please note: Texas Global does not accept health clearances completed by Doctors of Chiropractic, Licensed Professional Counselors, or Registered Nurses. Health clearances must be signed by a licensed medical professional (M.D., P.A., or N.P.). 

Several Austin-area clinics have agreed to complete UT Austin's health clearance form (listed below). This list is not exhaustive and is only meant as a starting point. Students should note that not all of the clinics below accept insurance for medical examinations.

Participating Austin-area Clinics