Travel Insurance Update

Effective December 31, 2021, The University of Texas System will no longer contract with International SOS (ISOS) to cover university-related student, faculty, and staff international travel. The new international travel accident insurance and emergency assistance provider, On Call International, will provide services to UT’s international travelers. We are currently updating the website to reflect this change, thank you for your patience.


Health Clearances

Students studying abroad on an official education abroad program that is four weeks or longer are required to obtain a full physical exam from a health care provider and have a health clearance form submitted on their behalf. Some programs shorter than four weeks also require health clearance. If you're unsure what's required for your program, check with your program coordinator.

Additionally, the International Oversight Committee (IOC) has the authority to require that students obtain a health clearance before taking part in any University-related international travel. Information from the health clearance process is confidential and is not used during the application process. Failure to submit a health clearance form by the deadline will result in the student entering the misconduct resolution process, and may result in them being withdrawn from their program without a refund.

Forms, Making an Appointment, and Submission

Print the health clearance form below and complete the top portion prior to your appointment. For in-person visits, take the form(s) with you to your appointment. For telehealth appointments, upload the form to your provider. If you see a specialist for an ongoing physical or mental health condition you should also have the specialist report form completed prior to having your health clearance completed. Keep in mind that getting a specialist report completed can take many weeks.

Make an Appointment with UHS

Many students are able to get their health clearances completed at University Health Services via a telehealth appointment. The process varies depending on the forms you need to have completed and if you have any pre-existing conditions that require a specialist report.

For those only who need the standard, single-page form from Texas Global completed:

  • Appointments will be completed via telehealth, with times available Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • To make an appointment:
  • Prior to your appointment, logon to MyUHS to upload your clearance form with the “Student Information” section completed (see instructions).
  • Due to licensure restrictions, UHS is limited to providing telehealth services to people who are within the state of Texas.

For students who have multiple forms or any forms other than the standard Texas Global health clearance form:

  • Appointments will be in-person, with times available Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm..
  • Students must call to make in-person appointments
    • Dial 512-471-4955 and select option 4
  • Students must bring a paper copy of all of their forms to their in-person clearance appointment.

Note: UHS’ in-person visit availability is limited, and availability only allows for one patient per day due to other demands for UHS on-site providers. Call early if you need to make an on-site appointment with UHS.

Tips for Your Appointment:

  • Bring your immunization records to your appointment. If you’re using UHS, make sure they are uploaded to the MyUHS Web Portal. UHS does not have complete immunization records for all students; you must add them yourself. These will help your health care provider determine the vaccines you should consider receiving before departure.

  • Health clearances may be completed up to six months prior to your deadline for the completion of pre-departure forms. If you have received a physical in the six months prior to this deadline, you may send the health clearance form to your doctor/physician and have them complete it without undergoing a new medical exam.

  • After your health clearance form is received and processed, the health clearance module in the MyAbroad Portal will read "Completed."

  • Please allow 5-7 business days after your form is submitted for your health clearance to post.

Submitting Forms

Completed health clearance forms must be submitted by the health care provider directly by fax, mail or email to Global Risk and Safety. The provider can send forms to Global Risk and Safety in one of the following ways:

Please allow 5-7 business days for us to process your form. Your MyAbroad Portal record will update to show that your form has been received.

Who Can Complete Your Health Clearance Form

Students may visit their personal medical provider, University Health Services, or a local clinic to complete their health clearance form. Many students elect to have their health clearance completed by their primary care provider. At this time, Texas Global does not accept health clearances completed by Doctors of Chiropractic.

Several Austin-area clinics have agreed to complete UT's health clearance form. We have listed a few below. This list is not exhaustive and is only meant as a starting point. Students should note that not all of the clinics below accept insurance for medical examinations.

Disclaimer: This list is provided solely as a service to our students. It does not constitute an endorsement of these organizations or their programs.


Students should budget for the following costs when completing their health clearance form and working through their other health preparedness steps for departure.

Amount Expense Notes
$30 UHS Telehealth Appointment All telehealth appointments for health clearances will be charged a $30 fee. This fee cannot be charged to insurance.
$70 approximately UHS in-person medical exam This charge only applies if you need to receive an in-person exam and it cannot be charged to insurance. Costs may vary if additional tests are required. Contact the UHS Billing and Insurance Office for more information.
$19 per week Overseas Insurance Due 10 days prior to the beginning of your education abroad program.
Varies Vaccine Costs
$35 Travel Health Counseling Fee
  • Charged by the UHS Allergy, Immunization, and Travel Clinic for travel consultations and immunizations.
  • Visiting with a travel health nurse is strongly recommended for students traveling to locations outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.