Overseas Insurance

All students taking part in UT-sponsored international travel are automatically enrolled in the UT Overseas Insurance plan, which is designed to support you if you become sick or injured while abroad. Overseas Insurance costs $19 per week and is due 10 days prior to your program start date. It includes two weeks of coverage before and after your program dates, free of charge.

Although some students will be dually covered by a national health care program and/or a program provider insurance policy, all UT Austin students are required to enroll in UT’s Overseas Insurance plan. The only exception is UT Austin students studying in their country of citizenship.

Overseas Insurance is not comprehensive health insurance, so we recommend that all students retain their U.S.-based health insurance while they are abroad in case they are forced to return before their program is over for any reason, such as a medical emergency. International students should also be aware that they may need to retain U.S.-based health insurance for visa and immigration purposes.

For full coverage details, review the Overseas Insurance brochure.

International SOS Emergency Card

Download an emergency contact card or pick up a paper copy from your program coordinator or Texas Global. Always have it with you while you are abroad.

What Overseas Insurance Covers

  • Membership with International SOS, a 24/7 emergency assistance provider
  • Medical expenses if you need treatment for COVID-19 while on a covered trip
  • Testing for COVID-19 if symptomatic
  • Medical evacuation
  • Mental health counseling
  • Expenses for a family member* to join you if you are in the hospital for 5+ days or you are medically evacuated
  • Ticket back home if a family member passes away or becomes seriously ill
  • Reimbursement if cash is lost or stolen
  • Passport replacement
  • Prescription replacement

And more. Review the Overseas Insurance brochure for full details.

What Overseas Insurance DOES NOT Cover

  • Evacuation costs if you are forced to come home because of COVID-19. That includes airline change fees, lost reservations, canceled tickets, lodging, etc. (Note: if you need to be medically evacuated, that is still covered.)
  • Quarantine for COVID-19
  • Routine care. This includes physicals and any other ongoing, preventative care. This also includes testing for COVID-19 if it is an entry requirement and you do not have symptoms
  • Loss/theft of physical property, such as your phone, laptop, or luggage
  • High risk activities such as skiing, sky diving, SCUBA diving, surfing, white water rafting, or bungee jumping

 * “Family Member” means your spouse, child, brother, sister, parent, grandparent, or in-laws.

How to Use Your Overseas Insurance

Calling International SOS is always your first step when you need assistance abroad. Membership with International SOS is included in your Overseas Insurance coverage.

International SOS is a 24/7 emergency assistance provider with an international network of medical and security professionals available any time to assist you. They can offer advice, connect you with resources, and work with you to make sure you receive the care and support you need.

Follow these steps to use your overseas insurance:

  • Call International SOS at +1-215-942-8059. International collect calls are accepted.
  • You can also connect with them online via the International SOS Assistance App.
  • Identify yourself as a UT student. If asked, give them the UT membership number: 11BSGC000037.
  • Tell them what assistance you need and follow their instructions.
  • Be prepared to pay up front for treatment, then file a claim for reimbursement. Keep all receipts/prescriptions.
  • If your bill is over $500, or you cannot afford to pay, ask International SOS if they can set up a “guarantee of payment” for you, where they will pay the hospital directly on your behalf.
  • Note the case number ISOS gives you as it will be helpful later when filing your claim.
  • That’s it! Be sure to respond to messages from ISOS so that they know how you’re doing, and work with them if you need any additional assistance.

If you have any questions about the process, email Global Risk and Safety at grs@austin.utexas.edu.

How To File A Claim

ACE/Chubb Insurance Company manages the Overseas Insurance claims process. Again, if you receive any kind of medical treatment while abroad, be sure to keep all receipts/prescriptions. You will need them when you file your claim.

There is no copay or deductible associated with UT’s plan. For covered expenses, you are eligible for 100% reimbursement up to the prescribed limits. You can use it to cover medical expenses at any hospital or clinic outside of the U.S. You are expected to file medical claims within 90 days of receiving medical care.

To file a claim:

  • Download the appropriate claim form:
  • Complete the form
  • The Policyholder is The University of Texas System
  • The Policy Number is GLMN18154274
  • After you’ve completed the form, scan and attach all supporting documents. For a medical case, that includes:
    • An itemized bill for the treating physician
    • Your prescription and receipt showing your name and the cost of the medication
  • Once this information is complete, email the signed claim form and attachments to Ms. Diane Basa at diane.basa@chubb.com. Be sure to keep a copy of your completed form and all original documents.
  • It usually takes around 3 weeks for a claim to process.

Travel Insurance

You may want to investigate purchasing additional travel insurance that will cover you if your flight is canceled or you are recalled because of COVID-19 since this will not be covered by UT’s Overseas Insurance nor will UT be reimbursing those costs. You may also wish to search for coverages for other risks that aren’t covered by UT’s Overseas Insurance.

We recommend that you look at the fine print for any plan you consider purchasing. Many of these will have a “pandemic exclusion.” Look for plans that include “cancel for any reason” and "interrupt for any reason" coverage. When selecting a plan, be mindful of the coverage included in the UT Overseas Insurance, so that you don’t unnecessarily duplicate coverages. 

For your convenience, we’ve included a few sites that you can use to research and compare travel insurance policies. This list is not exhaustive, and it does not constitute an endorsement on the part of UT.