Overseas Insurance

All students taking part in UT-affiliated international travel must enroll in UT's International Insurance Coverage program, otherwise known as Overseas Insurance. The Overseas Insurance policy applies to students:

  • participating in UT Austin sponsored or affiliated study abroad programs
  • conducting independent research abroad
  • attending international conferences
  • traveling abroad as a member of registered or sponsored student organizations
  • participating in internships organized or sponsored by UT Austin representatives

This program costs $19 per week and includes:

  • International Travel Accident & Sickness Insurance administered by ACE/Chubb Insurance.
    • Policy # GLMN04969340
  • International SOS (ISOS) emergency assistance coverage.
    • UT Member #11BSGC000037
  • General liability coverage

Though some students will be dually covered by a national health care program and/or a program provider insurance policy, all UT-Austin students are required to enroll in mandatory coverage through UT. The only exception is UT-Austin students studying abroad in their home country. These students may still use ISOS assistance and the general liability coverage component of Overseas Insurance if they choose. Contact the Global Risk & Safety Coordinator (grs@austin.utexas.edu) for more information.

We recommend that all students retain their domestic (U.S.-based) health insurance coverage while they are abroad in case they are forced to return to the United States before their program is over for any reason, such as a medical emergency.

How to use International SOS (ISOS)

International SOS assists students during health, safety, and security issues. You can contact ISOS Collect at +1 (215)-942-8059.

ISOS Assistance App

With the International SOS Assistance App, students are able to sign up for updates and alerts for their destination, research medical and security risks and get advice, check-in during crises, and call ISOS for help. Also, through their LiveChat feature, students can securely chat with an ISOS case manager over WiFi, allowing you to get quick answers to your questions and safely contact them in situations where you may not be able to make a normal phone call. We strongly encourage all students download the ISOS Assistance App prior to going abroad.

Download the ISOS Assistance App

Travel Accident and Sickness Insurance Policy

Students are covered by a robust Travel Accident and Sickness Insurance policy underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company/Chubb. When a student needs minor medical care, they should be prepared to pay up front for medical expenses. Afterward, they have 90 days to download a claim form from ACE/Chubb and file it with the company. In cases in which medical fees exceed $500, ISOS can process a direct payment on the student’s behalf. You can see a brief summary of all elements included in student overseas insurance.

These instructions explain how to file claims. We strongly recommend scanning and emailing claim information to facilitate tracking.

  • ACE American Insurance Company Telephone: #800-336-0627 (from within the US); C/O Ms. Diane Basa #302-476-6194 (from outside of the US)
  • Accident & Health Claims Fax: #302-476-7857
  • P.O. Box 5124, Scranton, PA 18505
  • Email: ACEAandHClaims@acegroup.com
  • UT Policy Number: GLMN04969340

Claim Forms

All benefits are described in the policy brochure. For all claim forms, the policyholder is the University of Texas System, and the group policy number is GLMN04969340.

Emotional Support

While incredibly rewarding, studying abroad can be a stressful experience. This stress can lead to particular challenges for students' mental health. To assist our students as they navigate their mental health during their time abroad, International SOS provides a short-term counseling service called Enhanced Emotional Support through a partnership with Workplace Options. With Emotional Support, students are able to call International SOS any time, day or night, and receive counseling from an English-speaking mental health professional. Depending on the needs of the student and availability, students can receive counseling over the phone, through a video-call, or face-to-face. To receive support, contact International SOS at +1-215-942-8059 or +1-215-942-8478 or through the ISOS Assistance App.

General Liability

If a student accidentally harms a person or property while overseas, The University of Texas System International General Liability insurance pays financial compensation to the injured party. If necessary, the liability insurance will provide defense assistance.

Visa Letters & Overseas Insurance Inquiries

If you are asked to provide official UT-Austin Proof of Insurance documentation for your time abroad, email grs@austin.utexas.edu and include "ATTN: Overseas Insurance" in the subject line. Please allow at least 3-5 business days for us to process your request.

Students should also maintain their U.S. health insurance coverage in case they need treatment when they return to the United States.