Health and Safety Resources

What happens if you get sick or hurt while abroad? What if you lose your passport? What if there's an earthquake or political conflict in the country where you’re studying? Knowing you have resources to deal with emergencies as they arise takes a lot of the uncertainty out of embarking on a study or research program.

On Call International

UT's required insurance policy covers you in case of sickness, accident, emergency or need for evacuation.

U.S. Department of State

Information from the U.S. State Department including travel advisories, passport information, travel tips and more.

Safety & Security Resources for Faculty

Resources to assist university faculty and staff in preparing for and coordinating a safe program abroad.

Travel Safety 101

A guide to assist travelers with the basic mitigation of safety while traveling abroad, not specific to any region or country.

COVID-19 Advice and Resources

Global Risk and Safety offers resources you can use to prepare to travel internationally and to help manage your health while abroad in a time of Covid-19.

UT-Specific Resources

Helpful information and resources for travel planning, insurance, immunizations and more.

Other Useful Resources

Information about calling codes, currency conversion, CDC reports, needs of specific travelers and more.

Pre-Departure Orientation YouTube Playlist

Before you go, learn more about preparing for international travel and what to do in an emergency while abroad.

Pre-Departure video playlist graphic.