On Call International Program Resources

UT Austin partners with On Call International (On Call) to provide assistance on the rare occasions when students or faculty/staff encounter an emergency while abroad. On Call is experienced in helping travelers to navigate crisis situations and can assist you as needed so you can continue your trip or get home safely.

You can contact the On Call 24/7 Global Response Center from anywhere in the world to reach an assistance coordinator who is ready to help you with your crisis, no matter how big or small. This could include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Medical, travel and security assistance, including evacuation services
  • Coordination of emergency and non-urgent medical care for injury or illness, including COVID-19 
  • Coordination of medical treatment for mental health care
  • Replacement of prescriptions or prescribed medication
  • Coordination of travel arrangements by you or a person you designate for certain emergency circumstances, such as your hospitalization abroad
  • Access to 24/7 Tele-Counseling

Emergency Contact Information

  • Dedicated UT System Phone: +1 978-651-9722 (can call collect from anywhere in the world* via a landline)
    • *When dialing internationally, we recommend asking the operator to stay on the line with you until you are connected to On Call. Some telephone providers will drop the call if a recorded message and not a live person is the first connection.
  • Toll-Free From the U.S. or Canada: +1 833-328-1091
  • 24/7 Live Chat: www.oncallinternational.com/chat/direct
  • Email: mail@oncallinternational.com
  • Text Only: +1 844-302-5131

Before You Leave

  • Log into the On Call Plan Information Portal with the UT Group ID 100143CPPD21 to learn more about the services and benefits available to you, gain access to pre-trip resources, and access the Global Risk Intelligence site for country-specific health, safety and cultural information and advice.
  • Ensure you always have access to On Call contact and plan information in the easiest place to get it – on your phone. Click Plan ID from your mobile device and follow the single prompt to save to the home screen of your phone.
    • This is not an app and does not require any login or personal details. Opening the Plan ID from your mobile device will allow you to click-to-dial On Call, open a 24/7 Live Chat link, and access other documents such as the full plan description and tele-counseling information.

Your travel information will be entered in the On Call Travel Monitoring platform, powered by OnSolve:

  • Depending upon the risk rating of your destination, you may receive a pre-travel advisory email with health and safety advice.
  • You will receive critical incident alerts via email for your destination shortly before your departure and while you are traveling, should any be issued.
  • You will be registered to use the OnSolve Risk Intelligence app and you'll receive an emailed invitation to download it. To optimize usage of the app, configure the settings as recommended in the Mobile App User Guide.
  • Emails alerts will be sent from the @onsolve.com email domain. We recommend designating this domain as a Safe Sender in your email settings.

About On Call International 

On Call International provides 24/7 global medical, travel, and security assistance, travel management services, and claims administration services. On Call’s worldwide reach is centralized through its Salem, New Hampshire-based office and is supported by a partnership with the International Assistance Group (IAG). On Call is a core partner in the IAG, the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies and accredited providers.

On Call staffs a 24/7 team of doctors, nurse case managers, rescue nurses, multi-lingual assistance coordinators, global security specialists, and an in-house claims department. On Call ensures a streamlined experience for travelers who need assistance through a centralized process of working behind the scenes with an extensive international network to support anyone needing assistance.