Student Restricted Regions Requests

In addition to registration and insurance requirements of the UT Student Travel Policy to International Locations, all students proposing travel to any location on the Restricted Regions List must obtain approval from the International Oversight Committee (IOC) by submitting a completed Restricted Regions Travel Request form.

All student forms must be signed by the chair of their department or by another internally designated individual with departmental authority to approve Restricted Regions requests. 

View the current list of UT Austin Deans and Chairs.

Request Process

Complete the following request form in its entirety and submit to

All request forms must be typed, with the exception of the signature line. Requests without required signatures will not be considered.

Forms must be submitted a minimum of five weeks prior to your departure date, or five weeks before you or your department requires approval, whichever comes first

The IOC retains the right to withdraw one's travel authorization, withhold reimbursement and/or take other disciplinary actions if necessary for noncompliance with the UT Travel Policy.