Education Abroad Programs in Restricted Regions

Texas Global is responsible for informing UT students participating in international programs of UT-Austin's Travel to Restricted Regions Policy:

  1. All students, faculty and staff participating in and/or leading Education Abroad programs in UT-Restricted Regions are required to understand and comply with the International Oversight Committee (IOC) Approval Process for travel to Restricted Regions, as administered by Global Risk and Safety.
  2. NO University of Texas at Austin student, faculty or staff can be required to travel to a UT-Restricted Region. Any participation in travel to a UT-Restricted Region is strictly voluntary, and the participant assumes full responsibility for all risks associated with this travel.

Possible Academic and Financial Loss

The approval to travel to a UT Restricted Region does not alter the University's position that study and travel in a country or region may be dangerous. Rather, approval indicates that the University recognizes that a particular student understands and appreciates the risks involved in participation, is willing to assume individual responsibility for those risks, and - for academic reasons - the student has decided to participate in spite of such risks.

Furthermore, any student who seeks and is granted authorization to travel to a restricted destination shall bear solely and entirely any financial loss or loss of academic credit that may result in the event that the situation in-country deteriorates and either UT or the U.S. State Department's evaluation of the situation in-country changes and either UT or the U.S. State Department requires that all Americans leave immediately. Likewise, should a student choose to leave the program or destination for any reason prior to the completion of their studies, the student shall bear solely and entirely any financial loss or loss of academic credit that may result.