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Global Career Launch Student Internships

International work experience develops important skills, builds resumes, and expands professional networks. Faculty-Driven Internships provide students with the opportunity to intern or conduct research abroad under the guidance of a UT Austin professor.

At a Glance


UT Austin undergraduate and graduate students


Up to a $4,000 scholarship




Stephanie Cushey, stephanie.cushey@austin.utexas.edu

Application Information

Opportunities are open to UT Austin undergraduate and graduate students. The application requires a statement of interest, resume and letters of recommendation. The specific requirements and deadlines vary by program. Download the information sheet for each individual program listed below to learn more about applying. If interested in one of these internship or research opportunities, contact the sponsoring professor and then the Global Career Launch Program Coordinator, stephanie.cushey@austin.utexas.edu.

2023 Opportunities

Country Internship Scope Professor Brochure
Australia Membrane Research Benny Freeman, Ph.D. Info Sheet
Botswana Wildfire Research & Management Thoralf Meyer, Ph.D. Info Sheet
Denmark Sustainable Fashion Material and Product Design Jessica Ciarla, M.A. Info Sheet
Germany Global Digital Environment Michael Mosser, Ph.D. Info Sheet
Guatemala Prevention through Empowerment Marilyn Felkner, Ph.D. Info Sheet
Israel Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion David Eaton, Ph.D. Info Sheet
Mexico Making Impacts in Mexico Deidra Stephens, Ph.D. Info Sheet
Panama Democratic Institutional Development Zachary Elkins, Ph.D. Info Sheet
Portugal Biotechnology in Textiles Luisa F Gil Fandino, M.A. Info Sheet
Senegal Sweatt Internships Devin Walker, Ph.D. Info Sheet
Switzerland Trombone Internships Nathaniel Brickens, D.M.A. Info Sheet


All GCL students are required to pay the $75 application fee and a $600 fee associated with the required registration category.


Students with demonstrated/documented need will be automatically eligible for a scholarship of up to $4,000. Additional funding can be obtained by applying to the International Education Fee (IEF) Scholarship, or other institutional or national scholarships. For a full list of funding opportunities, visit our Funding Resources page. Note: international students will be taxed on these scholars funds.


Students will remain enrolled at UT in either Independent Study and Research (ISR) or reciprocal exchange registration (SAB).

ISR is a 0 hour registration that only provides continuous enrollment. GCL participants will automatically be enrolled in ISR by the Program Coordinator, and do not have to complete any of the ISR application steps listed on the ISR webpage.

For those who wish to earn credit, GCL internships are credit-eligible and can be connected to an internship course at UT.