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Internship Abroad Programs

Choose from a range of programs designed to help you explore global career opportunities through part-time or full-time internships abroad.

What You Need to Know

  • You can intern during the summer or a semester.
  • All internships are part of a comprehensive program based in a city abroad.
  • Some programs combine an internship with coursework.
  • Placement matches prioritize students’ skill development.
  • Most students intern at small, local companies or organizations.
  • Most programs offer English-language placements.
  • Internships are unpaid, but scholarships can help offset the cost of travel.

Virtual Internships

Virtual internship programs, also called remote internships or online internships, provide a global career experience with the convenience, flexibility and affordability of working remotely from anywhere. Virtual internships are available with and without coursework. Internships with domestic employers are not approved.

Program Types

Internships without Coursework

These internship programs, both in-country and virtual, offer intensive career development and intercultural experience with no associated classes. 

Internships with Coursework

Enrich your work experience through complementary classroom learning. Coursework varies by program from a single internship seminar to a full course load of major-specific classes.

Internship Credit

Internship credit is rarely awarded just for completing an internship. You earn credit for a course which complements and reflects upon your internship experience. Internship programs with coursework have an academic component built into the program.

Internship programs without coursework do not include internship seminars, so no credit is awarded for these programs. Instead, these programs are credit-eligible, meaning if you want credit, you can enroll in the UT internship course of your choice during your internship.

Internship Courses

UT Internship Courses

UT offers hundreds of internship, field work, capstone and experiential courses that can be used to award credit to an internship experience. You should consult your academic advisor about internship courses and requirements specific to your major, minor or certificate.

If you want to earn credit but do not have a required internship course within your department, consider:

UEX Internship Courses

These courses are designed for interns who do not need in-residence credit and do not want to pay the full cost for summer tuition.

TCE Internships & Career Experiences Course

This internship course is free for all undergraduate and graduate students. Students do not earn credit, but this course will appear on your official UT transcript.

Internship Programs by Career Field

UT Austin offers international internship opportunities for all career fields. Most programs are open to students in any major. Review the following program lists by career field to help guide your program selection.

Specific programs listed on the flyers may not be operating in summer and fall 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions. Check the program provider’s website for the latest updates.