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International Internship Programs

Pick from a range of internship programs designed to expose you to global career opportunities through part-time or full-time internships abroad.

What you need to know:

  • Most students intern at local companies or organizations abroad.
  • You can intern during the summer or semester.
  • You can pair academic coursework with a part-time internship or pursue a full-time internship placement.
  • Not all internship programs offer academic credit.
  • Most programs do not have foreign language requirements.
  • Internships are usually unpaid.

International Internship Program

The International Internship Program is UT's customized full-time summer internship program, open to every major. Experience working life as a local as you work full time in an English-language internship customized to your experience level and field of interest.  Live with other UT students in program-provided housing while exploring your city, building your resume and expanding your professional network.  


Check the Events Calendar for Explore: The International Internship Program sessions. 

Review the application requirements, essay questions and timelines by visiting the Apply and Go section of our website.

Internships by Field

UT Austin has internship programs open to all majors on campus.  Explore the resources below for programs especially suited to particular fields.

  • Internships in Business, Economics and Entreprenurship
    Add resume-building international business experience or connect your program with B A 353 to fulfill the BBA internship requirement. Explore an aspect of international business, economics, marketing, development, entreprenurship, finance, consultancy, banking and more in start-ups and multinational corporations. 
  • Experiential Learning for Health Fields
    While undergraduates cannot participate directly in patient care, there are many ways to explore health. Students are able to explore internships related to healthcare administration, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, hospital shadowing, fitness, nutrition, sports medicine, mental health and more.
  • Internships for Communications Students
    Add an internship for Communications on your resume before graduation. There are lots of opportunities abroad for students interested in media, telecommunications, public relations, human resources, journalism, social media, communications, advertising, marketing, film and more.
  • Internships for Government, Policy and Human Rights
    Gain real-world experience with government, policy, law, politics and human rights through internships in national government agencies, parliamentary bodies, political campaigns, NGOs and social organizations.  
  • Internships in Arts, Music, Performance and Design
    Explore your talent abroad all while gaining resume-building experience. Students interested in fine arts like theater, music, dance, studio art and art history can fine-tune their skills and share the arts with a community abroad.
  • Experiential Learning for Geoscience, Climate, Environment and Sustainability
    The best way to learn about the world is to see it first hand. Use an internship, research or field study abroad to boost your resume. Explore diverse ecosystems from plains to rain forests to coral reefs, examine the rocks that create the world's tallest mountains, work at a company creating sustainable design or an organization working for climate advocacy.  
  • Internships for Computer Science, Internet and Information Technology
    Get practical resume-building job experience or complete academic research while exploring how technology, web development and computing are designed and used around the world.  

Looking for something else?  

Explore credit-bearing programs abroad that combine internships with coursework or explore a full-time credit-eligible internship in cities around the world.

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Contact the coordinator for your region of interest to discuss your academic and professional goals.

School for International Training (SIT) Programs

UT Austin has teamed up with the School for International Training to provide interdisciplinary programs with internships and research opportunities all over the world.  Choose from a list of semester and summer programs for the UT Austin adventurer offered at a discounted price.