How to Apply for Affiliated Programs

Students interested in affiliated programs should complete the steps outlined on this page, which include action items in the MyAbroad portal and the affiliate provider’s website. Some affiliates are quite competitive. Admissions decisions are typically confirmed within two weeks after the application deadline.

How to Apply

  1. Explore

    Watch the required Explore - Education Abroad 101 session and a relevant Explore - Regional session. If you have questions, please attend an Education Abroad Live Q&A session.

  2. Use Self-Guided Resources

    Use the Ready to Apply Checklist to finalize your search and help you decide which program best fits your goals.

    Search Programs for the affiliate program's specific location-based program code. You need the program code to open the application in Step 4. If there is not a program page for your program, use the following general Affiliated Partner Program pages:

  3. Get Ready to Apply

    Watch the required Ready to Apply session. Explore all scholarships and funding resources at the affiliated partner's websites and at UT Austin.  If you have questions, ask Peer Mentors or the Program Coordinators in a Live Q&A virtual session or during Peer Mentor drop-in advising hours Mon - Fri 9 am to 5 pm.

  4. Choose a Program

    Self-authorize your application. Use the program code you identified in Step 2. If possible, pick a first and second-choice program from the same affiliate provider. If your preferred affiliate provider does not offer two options, indicate a program from another affiliated provider (not exchange or faculty-led).

    Attention May term affiliate applicants: Choose "Spring" as your session type, since May sub-term is part of the Spring semester.

    Attention summer applicants: Choose "Summer Whole" as your session type, even if you are attending a shorter provider program than the whole summer.

  5. Complete UT's Online Application

    Complete the MyAbroad online application by the deadline.  Apply to any scholarship you are eligible for at UT Austin.

    Note for affiliate programs not approved by UT: For instructions on participating in a non-UT program, see the Non-UT Programs section on Semester Programs or Short-term Programs.


  6. Complete the Affiliate Organization's Application

    Complete the affiliate organization's application on their website by the deadline. Deadlines vary so pay close attention. Apply for any scholarship you are eligible for at the affiliated partner.

    Request your transcript at Texas One Stop. Send a paper copy to the provider directly, or scan a paper copy and upload it to the provider as a PDF. Do not request a digital copy of your transcript because you cannot save it as a PDF.

  7. Submit Home School Nomination Form

    Most organizations require that a representative from UT complete a "home school nomination" that attests to your disciplinary record and GPA. Many times this is submitted digitally through the partner's application portal and you can add your program coordinator's name to the request. Sometimes, the provider requires a paper form, which you can submit to

  8. Complete the Restricted Regions Request Process

    Check Restricted Regions List. If your program location or any part of its programming takes place in Restricted Region, you must complete the Restricted Regions Request process.

  9. Apply for your Passport

    Apply now to get or renew your passport. Wait times may be long, so get started early.

  10. Apply for Scholarships

    You should apply for scholarships at the same time you are applying for programs, not after admission. Scholarship applications are available on the Affiliated Programs page, Funding Resources page, Global Assist scholarships database and Gilman Scholarship page.

    Full-time enrolled students participating in Affiliated Studies programs will be able to draw on federal financial aid and some institutional scholarships, but will not be able to receive tuition-based scholarships/grants (e.g. Texas Grant, UT Tuition Grant, Be-On-Time Loan or Top 10% Scholarship). All of these funds require a student to maintain enrollment in a tuition-based registration category. Students in Affiliated Studies do not pay UT Tuition; they pay a $600 administrative fee to maintain enrollment.

  11. Pre-read the After Acceptance Information

    Familiarize yourself with pre-departure and health and safety workshops to help prepare you before you leave for your program. Learn more on the After Acceptance page.

Admissions Timeline

Most affiliate providers process admissions on a rolling basis. Once you have been admitted by an affiliate organization, they will inform UT Austin. In order for UT Austin to verify you to the affiliated provider, you must have applied and been accepted through UT Austin Education Abroad application. All admitted students will participate in pre-departure activities hosted by the affiliate organization and UT Austin. Additionally, admitted students will be enrolled in a UT Austin CANVAS community that provides specific guidance and resources.