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Moody College of Communication

The Moody College of Communication promotes learning beyond the national borders of the United States. Our students, faculty, and alumni are building global bridges to share their ideas and collaborate with others around the world. Moody College recognizes that it takes diverse mindsets to create solutions that will change the world.

Education Abroad has a dedicated team for communication students. Visit Moody Students Abroad to find Moody-specific advising sessions.

In order to have the best experience abroad, it is recommended that students meet with their academic advisor early in their undergraduate career. Be sure to review the resources on the Education Abroad pages, including the funding resources page and the events calendar.

Students can fulfill core and flag requirements abroad via petition. For more information, view the Texas Undergraduate Studies petitions page. Remember to use the My Credit Abroad database to explore the historical record of courses other UT students have taken abroad.

Questions about credit? Review the Study Abroad Credit page for more information about receiving academic credit while abroad.

Major Degree Requirements

Check the My Credit Abroad database for Moody courses that have already been approved. If you found a course on a program that is not in the database, review the Study Abroad Credit page for details on how to submit courses to be evaluated for credit. Specific matches are not guaranteed. If you want a course to count toward a specific track or focus within your major, you may petition for a course to count by meeting with your assigned academic advisor.

Language and Culture

As a Communication major, you must satisfy the language & culture requirement in a language other than English. Studying a language abroad is a great way to gain proficiency.

Core and Flag

You can fulfill core and flag requirements abroad via petition through Undergraduate Studies.

Interdisciplinary Requirements

Students with interdisciplinary majors, minors, or certificates may be able to count coursework toward those requirements through petition. Discuss with your advisor how to petition to count a course abroad toward any pre-approved list of courses.


Students have flexibility, depending on their degree plan, to take general electives. All credit gained abroad could count as an elective, at a minimum. Some majors can also earn major elective credit by taking communications courses abroad.

Experiential Programs

Students may pursue an international internship either with coursework or without coursework. Those who wish to use the experiential component toward your major internship credit must gain approval in advance, and must be enrolled in the UT internship web-based course simultaneously while abroad. Visit the Moody College Internships webpage for more information.


Premier Partnerships

The following reciprocal exchange and affiliate partners have been identified as strong academic options for communication students. This is not meant as an exhaustive list of opportunities, but rather a starting place for exploration.

Faculty-Led Programs

On these faculty-led programs, you are part of a group of UT students who take a course abroad taught by a Moody College faculty member.

These programs are with other colleges, but have credit and content that apply to communication majors.