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College of Natural Sciences

The College of Natural Sciences actively supports students in enhancing their academic experience through courses, research, service-learning and internships abroad to expand their expertise and strengthen their portfolio as they launch their careers.

Students should discuss their study abroad goals with their academic advisors early in your undergraduate career. Students should also familiarize themselves with resources on the Education Abroad website, including funding and events.

Natural Sciences major must meet proficiency in a foreign language. Students can also fulfill core and flag requirements abroad via petition. Remember to use the My Credit Abroad database to explore science courses other students have already taken abroad.

Education Abroad also works closely with the Health Professions Office to support students achieve their international experience goals. 


Premier Partners

The following reciprocal exchange and affiliate partners offer strong academic options for CNS majors. This is not meant to be an extensive list of opportunities, but rather a starting place for exploration.

Experiential Programs

Faculty-Led Programs