F-2 Dependents

Who Is Eligible?

If you are studying at UT with F-1 visa status, your spouse and unmarried children (under age 21) are eligible to apply for F-2 visas. As long as you maintain your F-1 status, your dependents may remain in the United States.

How Do I Add an F-2 Dependent Through myIO?

  1. Make a Request in myIO

    Begin your request in myIO.

  2. Provide Poof of Funding

    Provide proof of funding in the form of a bank statement and/or departmental offer letter that covers your tuition and fees (if a student), as well as living expenses for you and your dependents for an entire year. The funding document should be less than 1 year old at the time of application.

    Dependent funding amounts:

    Spouse = $10,900

    Each child = $5,400

  3. Provide Official Documentation

    Provide official documentation for your dependent(s), such as copies of their passport(s), indicating their:

    Full name

    Date of birth

    Country of birth

    Country of citizenship


    Whether they are a child or spouse

What Happens Next?

An advisor will review the documentation you uploaded in myIO and issue a new I-20 for you and your dependents. Your dependents will then present the I-20 when they apply for an F-2 visa in your home country. They should also present copies of your immigration documents (I-20, passport, visa, and proof of enrollment or admission, financial support, SEVIS fee receipt for primary visa holder) during the visa appointment. In addition to a valid passport and visa, your dependents will need to show their dependent I-20 upon entry to the United States.

Note: If you are requesting a change of status to F-2 within the United States, the basic process is outlined in the page: Change of Visa Status to F-2. Please speak to an advisor about the change of status procedure if you have any questions.

Change of Status to F2

Individuals who hold their own primary visa status may be eligible to change to F-2 visa status if married to a person in valid F-1 status, or a child under the age of 21 who has a parent in valid F-1 status. This process will go through the F-1 student's status or through the F-1 student's school. If the F-1 is a student at another school, then this process will have to be discussed with that school's international office.

A change of status to F-2 can be filed to USCIS with the assistance of Texas Global. Processing times can take many months so plan early. Your dependent must maintain their underlying status until their Change of Status to F-2 is approved.