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Sponsored Student Services

Texas Global and ISSS provide customized services to sponsored students and their sponsoring agencies. We proudly partner with over 70 sponsoring agencies and support more than 300 sponsored students from over 50 countries enrolled at UT Austin. Within ISSS, the sponsored and exchange programs team enthusiastically welcomes this special population to UT Austin.

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Who is a Sponsored Student?

Students attending UT Austin receive financial support from a variety of sources – personal funds, department scholarships, on-campus employment, bank loans, etc. However, to be classified as a sponsored student for Texas Global purposes, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be partially or fully funded by a government, company, or organization
  • Require third-party billing to pay tuition and fees

Third-Party Billing Services

As part of third-party billing services (3PB), Texas Global will pay tuition and fees on behalf of the student and then invoice their sponsor or sponsoring agency.

How to Set Up Third-party Billing:

  1. Step 1:

    The sponsored student must attend a check-in with ISSS prior to receiving 3PB services. The check-in includes information about specialized sponsored student services, registration information, and the 3PB process in detail. The student should be prepared to provide copies of their immigration documents and sponsor financial guarantee for review.

  2. Step 2:

    Using the student’s financial guarantee and sponsor billing information, Texas Global will set up 3PB.

  3. Step 3:

    After course registration, Texas Global will pay tuition and fees for the student by the university tuition deadline. Payment is based on the parameters listed on the sponsor financial guarantee. Once Texas Global places the payment, the student must confirm their attendance to secure their classes for the semester.

  4. Step 4

    Shortly after the 12th class day, Texas Global will send a detailed invoice to the sponsor including tuition, fees, and the Sponsored Student Fee. Sponsors must make payment within 30 days of the invoice date. If the sponsor fails to pay and does not communicate with Texas Global about any potential delays, Texas Global will reverse tuition charges. With a reversal of charges, a student will receive a financial hold on their university record and will be responsible for the full payment.

    InvoiceEstimated Billing DateEstimated Payment Due From Sponsor
    FallOctober 1November 1
    SpringMarch 1April 1
    SummerJuly 1August 1

Additional Sponsored Student Services

For Students
For Sponsors
  • Centralized point of contact for communication with the University
  • Student immigration consultation
  • Third-party billing services and individual student invoices
  • Crisis management and official communication
  • Coordination of insurance waivers for groups
  • Customized letters upon request
  • Facilitation of university site visits upon request
  • Unofficial grade report issuance upon request
  • Customized programming for sponsored groups
  • Opportunities for partnerships and official agreements

Sponsored Student Contacts

Please see the FAQ page for general questions, for other questions, email


Angela Branigan
Assistant Director

Tina Ross
Senior Program Coordinator

Sydney Chaney
Sponsored and Exchange Student Advisor

Kelli Weaver
Asst. Sponsored and Exchange Student Advisor