About ISSS

About ISSS

With more than 5,100 international students and 1,500 international scholars from more than 120 countries, UT is home to one of the largest international academic communities in the country. International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) is a core part of Texas Global and the internationalization of UT. As their home away from home, the ISSS team provides an array of services to international students, faculty, and visitors on special programs. ISSS offers one-on-one advising appointments to address personal immigration, employment, health insurance and tax regulations. Appointments are available for students, scholars, staff, and faculty and their dependents.


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Immigration processing

ISSS works with campus units to prepare immigration documents for scholars and other status applications for faculty and staff.

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Intercultural programming

ISSS offers activities and social programs to help international students, scholars and their families adjust to life in the US.

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Outreach and advocacy

ISSS collaborates with departments across campus and organizations to further support UT’s international community.

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Regulatory compliance

ISSS maintains and updates student records and ensures all information is up-to-date, as required under Federal law.

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Financial Aid & Resources

ISSS is dedicated to providing financial support to international students, which includes over $200,000 in awards and loans.

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By the Numbers

Review international student and scholar statistics here.



ISSS provides materials to help students and scholars navigate around campus and Austin. The Welcome Guide and other resources can be found throughout the Texas Global website.

ISSS also coordinates customized and intercultural programs that bring visiting international professionals and students to campus for short-term, specialized programs - such as the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders and Foundation year programs. Learn more about our customized and intercultural programs (link to Global Academy).

The ISSS team also assists and partners with departments across the university campus in the hiring of international employees.

ISSS is committed to providing high quality, culturally sensitive services to give international students and scholars a successful academic, personal and professional experience during their time at UT. The diversity that our international community brings to the campus provides critical cross-cultural experiences that strengthen classroom and research experiences, instill global competency, and build community across the university, state and nation.

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