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Pre-Arrival Checklist for Students

There are many tasks to take care of before you arrive to study in a different country. This list will help you make sure you remember some of the most important ones. Education USA is a very helpful website developed by the U.S. Department of State which includes information about undergraduate and graduate study and pre-departure information and resources.

Apply for a Student Visa

Before you may apply for a U.S. F or J visa, you must gather evidence of your financial support and obtain a Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 from the university, pay your Student Exchange Visa Information Service (SEVIS) fee, and gather evidence of your ties to your home country. You will also need a valid passport. All these documents are necessary for you to apply for a visa at an embassy or consular office in your home country. For more information about immigration matters, see the immigration information page.

Make Travel Plans to Austin

Remember that you will need to familiarize yourself with UT, attend orientation events, complete housing arrangements, complete immunization and tuberculosis testing requirements, and prepare to register for classes. Plan accordingly.

The earliest that new F-1 and J-1 students should enter the United States is 30 days prior to the start dates listed on the I-20 or DS-2019. This is an immigration limitation and cannot be changed. If you are admitted for the fall semester, we recommend that you arrive in Austin no later than the day before International Student Orientation.

If you are admitted for the first summer semester, you should arrive in Austin no later than the week before classes begin. If you have questions about the entry process into the United States, please review the Study in the States website on Getting to the United States on what to expect at the port of entry.

Plan Your Trip Into Austin From the Airport

If you arrive on a Saturday or Sunday, you will find that the University, and many businesses, are closed.

The local airport, Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA), is located approximately 15 miles (24 kilometers) from the campus. Unfortunately, we are unable to make arrangements to meet you at the airport. However, there are several transportation options listed on ABIA's website on how to get into downtown Austin.

Arrange Your Finances

Bring enough money with you to cover your first semester tuition, fees, books, and at least three months of living expenses. Tuition amounts depend upon your degree level, program of study, and the tuition rate (Texas resident vs. non-resident) that applies to you.

You must pay your first semester tuition after registration. If you plan to pay by check or bank transfer, you must use a U.S. bank account.

For more information about living expenses, tuition amounts, tuition deadlines, and payment methods, please see the Financial Information page. For information about declaring money when you enter the U.S., see the Customs & Border Protection website.

Find a Place to Live

You will need to plan where you will stay when you first arrive in Austin and where you will live during your time at UT. It is best to make inquiries before you arrive in the U.S. See Housing in Austin for short and long-term options as well as suggested ways to seek off-campus housing. Bring an extra copy of your evidence of financial support with you to Austin; it is required for certain housing options.

Check In With Texas Global

After you arrive in the U.S. your next step in the check-in process is to complete all required forms in myIO. You will not be able to register for classes until you have completed this process.

Complete Health Requirements

Proof of immunizations and Tuberculosis screenings are required for enrollment at UT. For information regarding Immunization & TB Requirements, or if you have any questions about these requirements, please contact University Health Services. You will not be able to register for classes until UHS has documentation that you have met medical clearance requirements including TB Test.

Attend Orientation

International Student Orientation and other welcome event have been moved online for Fall 2020. Visit the International Student Orientation page for more details. All Freshmen and Undergraduate Transfer students are required to attend a New Student Orientation. You will not be able to register for classes until you have attended New Student Orientation, which will also be conducted virtually.

F-1 & J-1 students: If you will be arriving from outside of the U.S. (non-transfers), you may attend the UT Orientation session in August only. If you are already in the U.S. in F-1 or J-1 status, you may attend UT Orientation in June, July or August.

Connect With the UT Community

There are numerous international student organizations at UT that are eager to be in contact with new students and answer questions about life at UT. To access a list of these student organizations, visit the Dean of Students website and search by keywords such as “International."