Emergency Information

In case of an emergency follow the information below to receive direction.

Examples of Immigration-Related Emergencies

  • Trouble at the U.S. Port of Entry
  • Immediate danger of being deported from the United States
  • Arrest
  • Detention by a federal officer

If You Are Experiencing an Immigration-Related Emergency

Call the UT Police Department at (512) 471-4441. Explain your situation and you will be connected to the appropriate Texas Global staff member.

Do not call 911 for immigration-related emergencies!

Examples of Health and Safety Emergencies

  • Personal injury
  • Urgent and unexpected hospitalization
  • Sexual assault
  • Automobile accident
  • Robbery
  • Missing persons

Call 911. After you receive assistance, notify ISSS.

Have questions about how to use your student health insurance plan?

For questions about your health insurance, please refer to our frequently asked questions for further information.

Immigration-Related Issues & Questions that are not Emergencies