J-2 Dependents

Who is Eligible?

If you are working and/or studying at UT with J-1 status, your spouse and unmarried children (under age 21) are eligible to apply for J-2 visas. As long as you maintain your J-1 status, your dependents may remain in the United States.

How Do I Add a J-2 Dependent?

What Happens Next?

An advisor will review the documentation you uploaded in myIO and issue a new DS-2019 for you and your dependents. Your dependents will then present the DS-2019 when they apply for a J-1 visa in your home country. They should also present copies of your immigration documents (DS-2019, passport, visa, and proof of enrollment) during the visa appointment. In addition to a valid passport and visa, your dependents will need to show their dependent DS-2019 upon entry to the United States. If you are requesting a change of status to J-2 within the United States, speak to an advisor about the change of status procedure.