Apply for the International Internship Program

The International Internship Program is just one way to do an internship abroad through Texas Global. We recommend that you explore the various program options with internships to ensure that The International Internship Program is the best fit for you.

Explore the many programs with internship abroad, including internships with coursework (fall, spring, summer) and full-time internships (summer only).

Attend an information session

  1. For full-time internships, attend an Explore: The International Internship Program session.
  2. For part-time internships with coursework, attend a regional explore session and follow the How to Apply for exchange and affiliate programs.

Review the FAQ.  Contact the Internship Coordinator with any concerns prior to opening an application.

Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss whether to attach credit to this experience.  These internships are credit-eligible, and students may petition their department for credit.

Visit Career Services to have them review your resume and cover letter before uploading them to your application.  Applications with unprofessional documents will not be accepted.

If you need additional advising, make an appointment by emailing the Internship Coordinator. Attending the Explore session is required before individual appointments.

Review and begin applying to Scholarships. Deadlines vary.

Before starting this section, be prepared to:

  1. Enter the application code (also called the program code) for first and second choice programs. A second choice location does not harm your application.
  2. Pay the $75 non-refundable application fee. This fee is non-reversible and non-refundable, even if the application is incomplete.  Do not click "continue" on the “online application” unless you are ready to commit to completing your application.

Self-authorize access to the application on MyAbroad. Enter the following information:

  1. Your UT EID
  2. Year Abroad
  3. Semester (Whole Summer)
  4. Application Type (Internship)
  5. Application code

Complete the MyAbroad portion of the application. You can stop and restart at any time.

  1. Online Application."  The advisor for this program is Katherine Uhlrich.
  2. Read the "Financial Responsibility Policy" and acknowledge

Follow the link in "Internship Application Instructions" to join the Canvas course of your first-choice location only.

Submit your application documents on Canvas

  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Essays (3)
    1. Why specifically do you want to intern in your chosen location, rather than one of the other options?
    2. Research your chosen industry sector in the location you have selected.  How is it similar or different from the United States?
    3. What are your top three goals for this experience (e.g. specific skills, personal achievements, professional development outcomes, etc.)?  What steps will you take before departure and while abroad to achieve these goals?
  4. Fields of Interest
  5. Signature documents 

Apply for a passport if you don’t have one already, or renew your passport if it will expire less than six months after the end of your program.

Read acceptance packet carefully and review the FAQ.

Book and attend appointment for health clearance. Appointments fill quickly, so schedule one immediately, even if the date is several weeks out.

Complete pre-placement interview and internship affiliate requirements

Pay program deposit of $500 on February 15.

Attend mandatory site-specific and Internship pre-departure orientations

Book flight to the recommended airport. Plan to arrive on the first day of your program.

Pay program balance on March 15. Contact your coordinator with concerns. Financial responsibility starts March 16.

Complete Visa requirements

Attend arrival orientation

Complete program survey