Application Information for Partner Universities

Nomination and Application Deadlines

Fall Semester (August-December) and Full Academic Year (August-May):

  • Nomination: February 15
  • Application: March 1

Spring Semester (January-May):

  • Nomination: September 15
  •  Application: October 1

Nomination Process

A nomination survey will be sent by email to our partner universities once we have determined balance projections for the upcoming academic year. When nominating students, please be sure to include an accurate email address so that students will receive direct emails with application instructions. The nomination survey will also request you to identify students who are interested in on campus housing so that they can receive additional information about on campus housing opportunities.

Online Application

Students must have a passcode in order to access the online application. The passcode is emailed directly to students after the nomination survey has been completed by the partner university. Partners may also email the Exchange Coordinator directly for the access code. After completing the online application, students will need to upload supporting documents through the online portal. Note that paper documents are NOT accepted.

Application Status Page Error

There is currently an error with the application status page. This error will not be corrected this year. Right now all exchange student applicants see that the application is incomplete whether or not they have any further documents to complete. Furthermore, not all documents that the student has uploaded will appear in the documents list. As long as the student has followed all instructions and submitted all required documents, there is no problem with their application, regardless of what the status page indicates.

Living on Campus

Students interested in living on campus will be able to apply for on campus housing as soon as they have submitted an Exchange Application and have uploaded the supporting documents. Students who apply for housing before September 1st for the Fall semester or February 1st for the Spring semester have a better chance of receiving a place in on campus housing. Exchange students will have an additional opportunity to apply for limited places in the International Housing Community.