Exchange Program Application Process

Application Process Overview

  1. Request a Nomination

    Determine whether your current institution has a reciprocal agreement with UT Austin. If so, visit your home institution’s exchange coordinator or study abroad office to determine your eligibility.  Students must be formally nominated by their home university to attend a UT Austin exchange program.

    UT Austin Nomination Survey

    • Opens July 15 for students starting spring semester 
    • Opens Jan. 15 for students starting fall semester  
  2. Receive your Passcode

    Shortly after you are nominated by your home university, International Student and Scholar Services at UT Austin will send you an email with directions for creating your UT EID and completing the application, along with the required passcode.

  3. Get a UT EID

    An EID is a unique electronic identifier for the university required of UT students, faculty and staff to access secure websites and platforms. When creating your EID, indicate that you plan to apply as a student to The University of Texas at Austin.

    Failure to indicate your intended student status will prevent you from accessing the UT Austin application.

    Create Your UT EID
  4. Apply

    An admissions application is required of all individuals who intend to register for courses at the university. Fall applications are due March 1; Spring applications are due Sept. 1.

    Application Tips:

    • Enter your name exactly as it is appears on your passport since it will be used to issue your student visa.
    • Use only standard English characters when entering your information. Do not use accent marks or special characters.



    Full Name as listed on passport: Longhørn-Student, Bévo

    Enter on application as:
    Last Name/Surname: Longhorn Student
    First Name: Bevo

    Admission Notifications

    UT Austin admission notifications will be sent via email by the Graduate and International Admissions Center on a rolling basis beginning September 1 for spring applicants and March 1 for fall applicants. You may check your admission status via MyStatus.

    Apply Now
  5. Complete Admission and Immigration Forms

    Once admitted, students participating in reciprocal exchange programs must complete admission forms in myIO. For detailed information on how to complete the admission form and obtain an immigration document, see Accessing myIO.

    Non-U.S. citizens

    You are required to enter the U.S. as a J-1 Student to participate in a reciprocal exchange program. Using the information provided in your admission forms, International Student and Scholar Services will issue and mail a Form DS-2019, which you will use to apply for a J-1 student visa at a U.S. Consulate/Embassy. The DS-2019 is issued for the duration of your academic study period (one or two semesters).

    U.S. citizens and U.S. Dual citizens

    You are required to enter the U.S. with your U.S. passport and cannot apply for a J-1 visa. However, to establish your exchange student status at UT Austin, you must complete the Admission Forms in myIO.