Before You Apply

To attend a UT Austin exchange program, your home university must have an existing reciprocal exchange agreement with UT and nominate you to attend by the specified deadline (see the tables below). Students whose home institutions do not have an agreement with UT Austin are not eligible to apply as exchange students.

Students who wish to earn a degree from UT should visit the Office of Admissions for information regarding the application process. 

Important Dates

Fall Semester (Aug. - Dec.) or Academic Year (Aug. - May)
University nominations due Feb. 15Student applications due March 1
Spring Semester (Jan. - May.) or Calendar Year (Jan. - Dec.)
University nominations due Aug. 15Student applications due Sept. 1

Exchange Programs

There are four types of exchanges available at UT Austin: 

  • General
  • Engineering
  • School of Law
  • McCombs School of Business

The following information will help you determine which exchange program is right for you:

General and Engineering Programs

Students admitted through the general and engineering exchange programs are admitted as undergraduate students, regardless of degree status at their home university. Enrolling in graduate-level courses requires permission from the respective UT department and is not guaranteed.

Students who participate in the general exchange may select a major and take courses in the following UT Colleges and Schools:

Cockrell School of EngineeringJackson School of Geosciences
College of EducationMoody College of Communication
College of Fine ArtsSteve Hicks School of Social Work
College of Liberal ArtsSchool of Undergraduate Studies
College of Natural Sciences 

Special Note: Students admitted to the general or engineering exchange program may not enroll in business (see exception below) or law courses. To take courses in business or law, you must be admitted to the McCombs School of Business (M.B.A. or B.B.A.) or Law School exchange programs.

Exception: There are a limited number of courses for non-business majors that are open to students participating in the general exchange program. For information on how to take courses for non-business majors, review the Registration - Exchange Students not in McCombs section of the McCombs School of Business website.

School of Law

The School of Law exchange program requires your home university to have a separate exchange agreement with the school and has a separate admission process. Courses in the School of Law are only open to students selected to participate in the School of Law exchange program.

Students admitted to the School of Law are admitted as graduate students. Undergraduate law courses are not offered.

If you are interested in participating in an exchange program with the School of Law, please email

McCombs School of Business (B.B.A. or M.B.A.)

The McCombs School of Business exchange program requires your home university to have a separate exchange agreement with the school and has a separate admissions process.

If you are interested in participating in an exchange program with the McCombs School of Business, contact the respective exchange coordinator:

Restricted Program Applications

Restricted Majors

Students who wish to attend the general exchange program in one of the following restricted majors will be initially admitted as an “undeclared” major. Once you have submitted all required admission materials, an Academic Advisor in the respective department will review your application, contact you directly if addition application materials are needed, and determine if admission to the major is possible.

Computer Science (College of Natural Sciences)

The Computer Science program can only accommodate a limited number of exchange students. Students are welcome to apply to the program, but admission is not guaranteed and is subject to departmental review. Students accepted as Computer Science majors will be able to take no more than two Computer Science courses per semester. Students who are not admitted to the Computer Science major will not be allowed to enroll in Computer Science courses.

All Architecture Majors (School of Architecture)

The School of Architecture will accept a limited number of students from certain partner institutions. A portfolio is required for application. Please contact the UT Exchange Coordinator at for more information.

All Communications majors (College of Communication)

The Moody College of Communication relies on the Academic Information Form and submitted transcripts to determine whether it can accommodate students’ interests. Be sure to complete all sections of the Academic Information Form carefully. An applicant's field of study and/or coursework (as displayed on a transcript from their home institution) should align with one or more of the majors offered in the College of Communication. Students who do not meet this criterion will be required to choose a major outside of the College of Communication in order to participate in the exchange. Students who are accepted as exchange students in the College of Communication may be required to obtain permission to enroll in certain advanced courses within their area of study.

Programs housed in the Moody College of Communication include:

  • Advertising
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Communication Studies
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Radio-TV-Film

These programs often require significant prerequisite coursework.

All Fine Arts Majors, except Art History (College of Fine Arts) 

A portfolio, audition, or other materials may be required for application. Please contact the UT Exchange Coordinator at for more information.

All Music majors (Butler School of Music)

The Butler School of Music offers admission only for the fall semester. The music application is due December 1.

In addition to completing the exchange application requirements, all prospective music majors are required to submit a second application directly to the Butler School. The Butler School of Music application will allow you to request an audition date or recorded audition, and upload letters of recommendation, pre-screening materials, portfolios, and resumes, as applicable to your program.

The Butler School of Music website provides detailed information about the process.

Programs Not Open to Exchange

The following programs are not open to exchange students:

Dell Medical School

The Dell Medical School is currently closed to exchange students. UT is happy to accept medical students into other related undergraduate majors, such as Biology or Neurosciences.

Option III Programs

Option III Programs are customized fee-paying graduate level programs that are not available under reciprocal exchange agreements.

School of Information (iSchool)

The School of Information (iSchool) has some classes available at the undergraduate level, but there is no undergraduate major. Students who are interested in taking classes from the iSchool should apply to the UT exchange program with another major. The ability to participate in iSchool classes is subject to availability and students should plan to be flexible.