Longhorns pose for a group photo in South Korea

Society and Technology: Seoul, South Korea


Discover the way Koreans integrate technology into daily life to create a sustainable future on this Take the World by the Horns program. South Korea is a leader in global innovation, ranking No. 1 in Asia and No. 5 in the world on the Global Innovation Index. You'll get a front-row seat to the entrepreneurial hub of South Korea; browse the world-famous Yongsan Electronics market, envision the future at the SK Telecom 2053 Experience, and get an inside look at the epicenter of Korean media at the Digital Media City in Seoul’s historic Olympic Park.

You will travel to Seoul in early August and embark on two weeks of travel and Korean language learning. Then, enroll in classes at Hanyang University and attend weekly cultural immersion visits to technology industry leaders or service learning opportunities. Monthly excursions include travel to cultural sites throughout South Korea such as Wolmi Island and Dajeon.

There is no language requirement for participation. Intensive Korean language lessons will be taught for the first two weeks at the beginning of the program, but will not appear on your transcript. Upon your return, you may take a placement test or seek an evaluation to assess your UT Austin language course level.


Course TitleUT Course NumberCore/Flag Credit
Aesthetic Awareness in the Modern WorldPHL 317KVisual and Performing Arts Core
Philosophical Understanding of Science and TechnologyPHL 316KN/A
Culture of Korea and Korean WaveANS 329SGlobal Cultures Flag
Business and Environmental EthicsGRG 319S,
BGS 370.3 (non-majors) or
BGS 325 (majors)
Ethics Flag

The courses selected for this program will prepare students to consider the philosophical, cultural, and business implications of a rapidly changing society and allow them to connect with the designers of emergent technologies during program engagements. As a result, students will develop valuable skills in applying theoretical questions to practical applications.

  • “Aesthetic Awareness in the Modern World” introduces students to fundamental aesthetic concepts central to technological design.
  • “Philosophical Understanding of Science and Technology” facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the role of science and technology in modern society from a philosophical and historical perspective.
  • “Culture of Korea and Korean Wave” examines how modern Korean culture has become increasingly popular on a global scale, while “Business Environment and Ethics” will allow students to explore the role of corporations in society and the impact of business activities on the environment.

Signature Course Offered Spring 2025

Professor Rachel Wellhausen’s signature course, Science, Technology, and Politics,” examines how developing technology can impact society. Students will connect their experiences with technology in Seoul to a broader framework and compare it to contexts within the United States. This course will help students unpack their experiences in South Korea and further explore their academic and professional interests.

Program Dates

ArrivalAugust 8, 2024
Classes StartSeptember 1, 2024
Classes End and DepartureDecember 19, 2024

Costs and Financial Aid

The total cost of the program is $21,060. This cost includes all registration fees and tuition, overseas insurance, flights, passport, visa, pre-departure costs, housing, excursions, meals, and estimated personal expenses during the semester abroad.

You will be able to apply for federal and institutional financial aid to cover a portion or all costs of this program.


The inaugural program starts August 2024.