Take the World by the Horns FAQs


How do I apply?

You must indicate your interest in this program on your UT Austin application. You will then receive an email from UT Admissions that will direct you to a separate, supplementary program application.

After I apply to this program and am accepted, am I required to participate in the program if admitted to UT Austin?

If you apply and are accepted into the Take the World by the Horns program and are a Texas High School Top 6 percent student, you will still be admitted to UT Austin in the fall if you don’t participate. If you are not in the aforementioned category, you must participate in the program to secure your admission to UT Austin in the fall.

Can I apply to more than one program location?

Yes. You can indicate your preference for first, second, and third choices among the program locations. Your preference will be taken into account, but you will be offered admission to only one of the three locations. You can accept admission to the location for which you were selected, or you can request to be placed on a waitlist for a second location.

What are the eligibility requirements for this program?

You must be 18 years or older by August 1, 2024, to participate, and you must be applying to college for the first time.

Can I apply to this program and still be considered for other transfer or co-enrollment admissions programs?

Yes. Texas residents can apply to this program and still be considered for the CAP program (admission to another school in the UT system). Non-residents are not eligible for the CAP program and can only be considered for this program.

What are the selection criteria?

Criteria for selection are based on academic achievement, extracurricular experience, and a demonstrated interest in international and intercultural learning.


How will this program fit into my degree plan?

The program offers courses that will count toward the total hours needed to graduate. Credit toward minor and major requirements will vary depending on a student’s college and major.

How does registration work, and what type of credit will I earn on this program?

The program will offer 12 affiliated credit hours that will be transferred to UT Austin during the Spring 2025 semester.

  • Students register for UT “affiliate placeholder” courses while abroad (ex: AS 000).
  • Credits appear as transfer credits on official UT transcripts.
  • Grades are not computed into your overall UT GPA.
  • Students must make a C- or better to receive credit.
  • Some affiliate credits may count toward residency hours.


What is the cost to attend this program?

The cost to attend varies by program location.

  • Denmark program cost is $29,260
  • Panama program cost is $18,260
  • South Korea program cost is $21,060

Comparative estimated costs of attendance for a semester at UT Austin are available at Texas One Stop.

What does the program cost include?

The amounts above include all registration fees and tuition, overseas insurance, flights, passport, visa, pre-departure costs, housing, excursions, meals, and estimated personal expenses during the semester abroad.

Can I use financial aid to pay for this program?

Yes, this program is eligible for financial aid. The aid will be disbursed on or around the first class day (at UT Austin or at the institution abroad, whichever is later). You will be required to purchase flights and pay preparation expenses and a program deposit in early May prior to having your financial aid disbursed, but you will be able to reimburse yourself for these costs once the aid is released. Typically, any change in your cost of attendance for education abroad activities can be covered by additional loans, including credit-based loans (ex: Parent PLUS).

Are there any program costs that are not covered by financial aid?

No, all expenses for the program as listed under the “total cost of the program” on each location’s page are eligible for financial aid. Expenses such as flights, international insurance, program fees and registration, and miscellaneous “on the ground” costs will be included in a budget that will be submitted to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for all participating students who plan on using financial aid.

Are there any associated costs that I will need to pay before I receive my financial aid (e.g., plane tickets, etc.)?

Yes. Any costs incurred prior to financial aid disbursement — including flight, passport, health clearance, vaccinations, and program deposits — must be paid out of pocket. These costs will be included in the financial aid budget and can be reimbursed when aid is disbursed.

Program Support

What type of academic and health and well-being support will be included in the program?

Our partner institutions in Denmark, Panama, and South Korea offer a range of support services for international students, including academic and mental health support. You will also receive logistical support from On Call International, UT Austin’s partner for 24/7 global medical, travel, and security assistance.

Will I have help registering for classes for my next semester? Will I be able to meet with an academic advisor?

Yes, an academic advisor from your college will meet with you virtually during your semester abroad to assist you with registering for spring classes.

Will someone help me find housing for when I return to Austin? 

Yes, a program representative in your international location will connect you with the Education Abroad Office and Division of Housing and Dining to make sure you understand how and when to complete an application for spring semester housing, once the application process opens in October.