Applying to UT Exchange Programs

We’re excited that you’re interested in studying at The University of Texas at Austin!

To be eligible to apply, your home university must have a reciprocal exchange agreement with UT. Your home institution’s exchange coordinator or study abroad office will need to nominate you as a candidate for exchange. After you have been nominated, you will need to complete the general application process.

Some programs at UT have specific application requirements, including earlier deadlines or mandatory supplemental materials, such as a portfolio of work. Students applying to a restricted major should submit their transcript and Course Preference eForm in MyIO Request Services as soon as possible after receiving official admission.

Restricted Program Applications

Restricted Majors

For the following restricted programs, applicants will initially be admitted as an "Undeclared" major. Once you have completed all steps in the MyIO Request Services Portal, an Academic Advisor in the department may contact you directly if additional application materials are needed:


Programs Requiring a Separate Exchange Agreement - In order to be eligible for the following programs, your home university must have a separate exchange agreement with UT:

Programs Not Open to Exchange - The following programs at UT are not open to exchange students:

General Application Process


Term Deadline
Fall Semester
(August - December)
March 1
Spring Semester
(January - May)
September 1

How to Apply

1. Create your UT EID:

An EID is an electronic identifier for the university and required of UT students, faculty, and staff to access secure UT websites and platforms. When creating your EID, indicate that you plan to apply as a student to The University of Texas at Austin. Failure to indicate your intended student status will prevent you from accessing the university application form.

2. Apply Online:

An admissions application is required of all individuals who intend to register for courses at the university. A passcode is required to access this application. Shortly after you are nominated by your home university to attend UT Austin, you will receive an email containing the passcode, along with directions for completing the application.

Things to consider when completing your application:

  • Enter your name exactly as it is presented in your passport. This information will be used to issue your immigration document for your student visa.
  • Use only standard English characters when entering your information. Do not use diacritical or accent marks, or special characters.
Awaiting Admission:

UT admission notifications will be sent via email by the Graduate and International Admissions Center on a rolling basis beginning September 1 for spring applicants and March 1 for fall applicants.

You may check your admission status via MyStatus.

3. Access myIO:

myIO is a portal for international students to process their immigration documents and manage their immigration-related data. Upon formal admission to UT, you will receive an email from Texas Global with a link to myIO. This email will include a list of e-forms that need to be completed, along with a list of documents that need to be uploaded before we may issue your immigration document. Instructions for completing the required e-forms in myIO:

Biographical Information Form:

Enter your name exactly as it is presented in your passport. Use only standard English characters when entering your information. Do not use diacritical or accent marks, or special characters as they will not be accepted by our system. If you are unsure of which characters to include, use the machine-readable portion at the bottom of your passport as a guide.


After completing the Biographical Information Form, upload a clear scan of the biographical page of your passport. Note: We do not need a scan of the front or back of your passport booklet.

Academic Information Form:

Use the previous year’s course catalog to select 8-10 courses of interest, with at least 5 courses from within the major field of study for which you applied. Note: Official course catalogs become available approximately 2 months prior to the start of each semester.


Things to consider when completing the Academic Information Form:

  • Not all courses will be available every semester.
  • Course registration will not occur until after you arrive on campus.
  • Your course selections do not guarantee course enrollment.
  • You should not rely on any specific UT course for timely graduation from your home university.
  • Courses should be listed by course code, followed by course title. For example:
    • HIS 309K Western Civilization in Medieval Times
    • CH 456 Analytical Chemistry
    • J 395 International Journalism
Exchange Transcript Upload:

Upload your most current academic transcript. Transcripts must meet the following requirements:

  • Be official. Transcripts must be stamped and/or signed by a university official. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.
  • Be current. Transcripts older than 1 year will not be accepted.
  • Be in English. If unable to provide a transcript in English, you must include a signed translation.
  • Reflect your name. Your full name must be printed on the transcript.
English Proficiency Form:

Prove your English proficiency in ONE of the following ways:


  • Upload a TOEFL test report that reflects a total score of 79 or higher;
  • Upload an IELTS test report that reflects a total score of 6.5 or higher;
  • Submit the name and email of someone at your home institution to verify your proficiency as a Secondary Approver;
  • Confirm that you are a native speaker and come from an English-speaking country.
Financial Information Form:

Enter your source of funding for the duration of your exchange program. Note: Although you will not pay tuition to UT, you will need to show proof that you can cover your living expenses for the duration of your program. The minimum estimated cost of living expenses in Austin is as follows:


1 semester

$8,335 USD

2 semesters

$16,670 USD


After completing the Financial Information Form, upload your proof of financial support (e.g. bank statement, official letter from your bank, etc.)


Things to consider when uploading your proof of financial support:

  • Must be in English. If unable to provide proof of financial support in English, you must include a signed translation.
  • Must contain your name. If you will submit proof of financial support other than your own, you will also need to upload a Statement of Financial Support signed by your financial supporter (e.g. parent, guardian, etc.).
  • Must be current. Proof of funding older than 1 year will not be accepted.

For a list of acceptable financial support documents, refer to the “Funding Support Documentation Guidelines” section on the Financial Information for New Students page.

Supplemental Documents:

Supplemental documents are required for Restricted Majors. Please contact for more details.


4. Select Mailing Option

Within 2-3 weeks of successfully completing and submitting all required forms and document uploads in myIO, your Form DS-2019 will be issued and mailed. To facilitate the mailing of your immigration document, complete the Mailing Address e-form in myIO to indicate your mailing preference.

Mailing Options:
U.S. Postal Service This service is free and will take approximately 2-5 weeks to be received. No tracking information is provided.
Express Mailing This service has an associated cost and will take 2-8 business days to be received, depending on the shipping location and provider selected. Tracking information is provided.
Attention MBA students:

Do not complete the Express Mailing request. The MBA exchange coordinator will ship your documents to you/your home university via express mail.