Applying to UT Exchange Programs

We’re excited that you’re interested in studying at The University of Texas at Austin!

To be eligible to apply, your home university must have a reciprocal exchange agreement with UT. Your home institution’s exchange coordinator or study abroad office will need to nominate you as a candidate for exchange. After you have been nominated, you will need to complete the general application process.

Some departments may have restrictions, additional deadlines or extra requirements you must fulfill. Please review the details if you are interested in applying to one of the departments listed below.

Restricted Program Applications

Some programs at UT have specific application requirements, including earlier deadlines and mandatory supplemental materials. Descriptions of these requirements are listed below.

General Application Process


  • Fall Semester (August - December): March 1
  • Spring Semester (January - May): October 1

How to Apply

1. Create your UT EID:

Create your UT electronic identification, UT EID. Be sure to indicate that you plan to apply as a student to The University of Texas at Austin. Failure to indicate your student status will prevent you from accessing the application form.

2. Apply Online:

You will need a pass-code to begin the application process. You will receive an email with the pass-code after your home university has nominated you to participate in the exchange program.

Make sure the name you provide on the online application matches the name listed in your passport exactly. This information will be used to issue your immigration document for your student visa.

Use only standard English characters when entering your information (no accent marks or special characters).

3. Awaiting Admission:

After submitting your application, wait to receive your official admission notification from UT Austin. You will be notified of this by email. Fall admission will begin on October 1; Spring admission will begin on March 1. You will be notified of your admission after these dates. Once the preferred application deadline has passed, students will be admitted on a rolling basis.

4. myIO Access:

Once you have received your admission notification, you will upload your application documents to the myIO portal. Access to myIO will become available on October 1 (for spring exchange participants) and March 1 (for fall exchange participants).

  • Biographical Information Form:
    Please complete the biographical form listing your name exactly as it appears in your passport. Our system cannot accept special characters. Your form will be returned to you if you use any accents, special characters, or diacritical marks. Upload a clear scan of the personal information page of your passport. We do not need a scan of the front or back of your passport booklet. 
  • Academic Information Form:
    Complete this form by using previous course catalogs as a guide, selecting at least 10 courses from within your major field of study in which you wish to enroll. Official course catalogs for the upcoming semester will be available approximately 2 months prior to the start of the semester. Please note that not all courses are available every semester.
    • Course registration will not occur until after you arrive on campus.
    • Your submissions do not guarantee course enrollment.
    • Courses should be listed in your Academic Information form listing the course code followed by the course name (examples below):
      • HIS 309K Western Civilization in Medieval Times
      • CH 456 Analytical Chemistry
      • J 395 International Journalism
  • Current Academic Transcript:
    Must be an official transcript on transcript paper or stamped and signed by a university official.
  • English Proficiency Form:
    Exchange students are required to prove their English proficiency in one of the following ways: 
    • Upload TOEFL or IELTS test scores 
    • Or submit the name and email of someone at your home institution to verify your proficiency
  • Financial Documents:
    Proof of funding is required for students who plan to attend UT with a student visa. Exchange students must demonstrate to UT and to the United States consulate that you meet the following financial requirements: 
Length of Study Proof of Funds 
(For Estimated Living Expenses)
1 Semester $7,150
2 Semesters $14,300

For details about the types of funding you may upload, please refer to the “Funding Support Documentation Guidelines” section on the Financial Information for New Students page

  • Supplemental Documents:
    Supplemental documents are required for certain restricted majors, such as a portfolio for architecture or art majors. Please contact the Exchange Advisor for more details.