Students bicycle in Copenhagen, Denmark

Health and Well-being: Copenhagen, Denmark


Experience the unique cultural concept of “hygge” in the city that ranks No. 2 in the world for quality of life. In Copenhagen, immerse yourself in Danish culture while navigating modern urban design in a city that dates back to the 11th century. Take the World by the Horns gets you outside of the classroom and into research centers, clinics, and public spaces to experience the systems that foster wellness firsthand.

You will enroll in four courses offered by our partner, DIS Copenhagen, that focus on broader aspects of Danish life including Danish language and culture. DIS courses combine traditional classroom instruction with engaging visits to local sites. You will also travel outside of Denmark to experience and compare U.S. and Danish health care to other international systems.

There is no language requirement for participation. A Scandinavian language and culture course will be incorporated throughout the semester and will appear on your transcript. Upon your return, you may take a placement test or seek an evaluation to assess your UT Austin language course level.


Course TitleUT Course NumberCore/Flag Credit
Environmental Impact of HumansGRG 306CSocial Behavioral Sciences Core
Healthcare Systems: A Comparative ApproachH S 329SPotential Bridging Disciplines Credit
Danish Language and Culture GSD 319SGlobal Cultures Flag
The Good LifePHL 329sN/A

The learning experience on this program will introduce students to Danish culture in order to understand how they view wellness and how it influences their healthcare system. Students will then compare this approach to the healthcare system of neighboring Scandinavian countries Sweden and Norway.

  • “Healthcare Systems: A Comparative Approach” examines how various healthcare systems are organized and financed in Denmark and Northern Europe. The course includes visits to healthcare sites in Sweden and Norway.
  • “Environmental Impacts of Humans” focuses on the effects of the environment on human health within the paradigms of civilization and ideologies.
  • “The Good Life” explores European philosophical perspectives of what living the fullest and richest life means, which students can use to inform their understanding of health care and well-being.
  • “Danish Language and Culture” will hone in on the cultural components of life in Denmark to give students tools to better understand and communicate with the Danish peers and colleagues they meet.

Signature Course Offered Spring 2025

In Professor Lauren Gulbas’ signature course, “Women and Madness,” students will explore the theoretical evolution of mental illness, highlighting differences in treatment based on gender. This course will complement students’ learning experiences in Denmark by investigating how historical understanding of “good health” influences current health care systems’ priorities. Dr. Gulbas’ signature course also presents students with a potential research opportunity in her interdisciplinary Advanced Qualitative Research Lab, offering a powerful transition point for students exploring professional applications within the greater health care industry.

Program Dates

Please note: Program dates are subject to slight change as DIS semester dates are finalized.

ArrivalAugust 17, 2024
Classes StartAugust 22, 2024
Classes End and DepartureDecember 14, 2024

Costs and Financial Aid

The total cost of the program is $29,260. This cost includes all registration fees and tuition, overseas insurance, flights, passport, visa, pre-departure costs, housing, excursions, meals, and estimated personal expenses during the semester abroad.

You will be able to apply for federal and institutional financial aid to cover a portion or all costs of this program.


The inaugural program starts August 2024.