Global Living Learning Community

What is Global Living Learning Community?

The Global Living Learning Community (Global LLC) provides the opportunity for UT students to live in on-campus housing with other students from diverse cultural backgrounds and various countries. It also reserves half of the beds for international students and is unique in that it is the only LLC not limited to freshman students. Residents will be able to interact with students from many parts of the world through participation in on-campus residential life. A committee formed by staff in Education Abroad and International Student & Scholar Services provide guidance to the Global LLC Resident Advisor on internationally or interculturally focused programs for residents to participate in. This community is a dynamic place for students to enhance their intercultural competency and cross-cultural communication skills.

Who Lives in Global Living Learning Community?

Any student who is motivated to meet and live among a diverse population of individuals and cultures, to engage with peers across cultural differences or to pursue a career with a strong international component are encouraged to apply to live in the Global LLC. Residency is open to students of all majors and schools. Many domestic Global LLC students will be preparing to study in one of the UT study abroad programs or have just returned from a semester abroad. International undergraduate and exchange students will be from all over the world as participants in a host of different programs at varying lengths.

How to apply for Global Living Learning Community?

All UT undergraduate students may apply. If you are interested, submit your contract to the Housing Office and list Global Living Learning Community as your residence hall preference. Texas Global will contact you by email with a short application to complete. Housing decisions for the Fall semester will be made on a rolling basis through the beginning of July.

Whom to Contact?

For more information contact Housing and Dining.