Post-Completion Optional Practical Training

Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) is temporary employment authorization approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that students can use after they have completed their degree. Employment on Post-Completion OPT must relate directly to a student’s major field of study.

Report OPT Employment

Please report your OPT employment or volunteer work within 10 days of your start date and anytime there is a change. Reporting your employment is important because the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must verify that you are employed and not in violation of the 90-day unemployment rule. You can update your employment details directly to your SEVIS record through the SEVP Portal. Personal contact information should be updated in MyUT.

Upload EAD

Once your OPT is approved and your EAD card arrives, upload a copy for ISSS to review. This is an important step because it allows ISSS to review important details in your immigration record and make any corrections if necessary.

OPT Reporting

OPT Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

International Student Advisors are available to assist you while you are on OPT. For general questions or requests, please email For non-general inquires, please schedule an appointment to speak with an international student advisor. Please keep in mind that international student advisors are trained in student visa topics. For information on employer-sponsored visas or residency applications, please consult with your employer's representative or a qualified immigration attorney.