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UT Students

The English Language Center offers courses for admitted graduate and undergraduate international students seeking to improve their academic listening, reading and writing skills to enhance their English skills for academic success.

Courses for UT Graduate Students

These courses help clear the J-bar and are taken on a credit/no credit basis. They count as 3 credit hours for purposes of full-time enrollment but do not count toward students' degree requirements. Any student who received a conditional pass on the ITA exam is authorized to register for ESL 389T. Any student who did not pass the J-bar screening is authorized to register for ESL 388S and/or ESL 388W. All other students need to email our office for permission to register.

Courses for UT Undergraduate Students

Designed primarily for international undergraduate students who are at UT for a semester or year on a reciprocal exchange program, these courses help non-native speakers of English refine their grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Placement testing is required. These courses are taken on a Credit/No Credit basis. They count as 5 credit hours for purposes of full-time enrollment but do not fulfill UT degree requirements. They typically fulfill home university requirements for students on a reciprocal exchange program.

Summer Academic English Programs at UT Austin

We offer several options for international students who have been admitted to UT or another US university for the fall semester. Strengthen your academic English skills and learn about expectations that are emphasized in US higher education and are especially challenging to international students. All classes are recorded so that you may participate in real-time with your classmates, or follow the course on your own schedule