CELTA Certificate

The Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) is the most widely recognized TESL/TEFL certificate in the world. It is an initial certificate, typically for people with their BAs but also for people with advanced degrees that are not English teaching degrees. The CELTA is highly regarded around the world because of its high standards and rigorous assessments. It is one of the few certificate programs that includes teaching practice.

Program Details

The intensive CELTA is a 4-week program. It consists of 8 hours/day of class time as well as outside of class lesson planning and assignments. Taking the UT CELTA course online is an option for some sessions. The UT CELTA is given at The University of Texas at Austin campus.

Each day is divided into four main areas. During input sessions, trainees are instructed on and gain knowledge about various areas of language teaching, including lesson planning; teaching various skills such as writing, grammar, pronunciation, speaking; looking for jobs; and how to give feedback to students. The rest of the sessions are purely practical. During guided lesson planning, trainees plan an English Language Center lesson, and one of the tutors assists them with their lesson planning. During teaching practice, trainees give their lesson to a group of English Language Center students. Finally, the tutor gives the trainees feedback on their lesson after the training session.


  1. Learners and teachers, and the learning and teaching context
  2. Language awareness and analysis
  3. Language skills: listening, speaking, writing, and reading
  4. Planning resources for different contexts
  5. Developing teaching skills and professionalism


You are assessed throughout the course. There are no exams or final exam; rather, you are evaluated based on your ongoing performance as a teacher. There are two main ways you are evaluated:

1. Teaching Practice

You will complete 6 hours of teaching practice spread over approximately 10 different lessons, which you will plan and implement. You are given feedback on each practice teaching session.

2. Written Assignments

You will complete a total of 4 written assignments over the course of the CELTA: one on classroom skills, one on the system of the English language, one on language skills, and one on adult learners.

An independent assessor appointed by Cambridge comes near the end of each course to consult on grades. Each student is awarded either a 'Pass,' a 'Pass B,' a 'Pass A,' or in some cases, a 'Fail.' Please note that 'Pass B' and 'Pass A' are not analogous to the American system of 'B' and 'A,' and a simple 'Pass' is considered very good.

UT CELTA Joint Certificate Program

By attending the UT CELTA program, you can obtain two certificates, one from Cambridge and the other from UT. UT is one of the most prestigious institutions to offer the CELTA, meaning you would study at a university with a long history of excellence in academics and education. All of our UT CELTA tutors have graduate degrees. As a UT-CELTA student, you will also have access to UT's vast libraries, sports facilities, free local bus passes, and other discounts and benefits available to UT affiliates.

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More Information

More detailed information about CELTA, including a detailed course description and curriculum, is available from Cambridge University. You may also call our office at 512-471-2480, or email celta@austin.utexas.edu.