a view of the austin skyline

Pre-Arrival Resources

Welcome to UT Austin. We know that coming to a new country, new city and new school can be overwhelming, so we’ve prepared several resources to help you learn about your surroundings and get started at UT.

Welcome Guide

This guide covers everything from pre-arrival plans and airport information to how to find medical care in Austin.

Getting Around Austin

Austin is a big place. Read some helpful tips and tricks on how to get around via bus, bike, and car.

Housing in Austin

Austin has housing opportunities to suit everyone's taste. Whether you prefer dorm-style living, a co-op or just an apartment, Austin has it all. View our suggestions to help you with your housing search.

Food & Shopping

There are great places to eat near campus and some large shopping malls in Austin with a wide variety of shops and department stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your most common questions.