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Graduate international students at UT may be subject to English screening or certification before they can register for classes or be eligible for a teaching assistant position. Find the information below to help guide you and your students through the process.

Information for Departments about International Teaching Assistants (ITA)

In order to be eligible for a TA or AI appointment, non-native speakers of English must receive ITA English Certification.

The goal of ITA English Certification is to assess and enhance the skills ITAs need to be effective educators in the classroom. Certain exemptions apply, please see below.

The cost for the assessment is $80 per student. This is charged to the department for the first assessment and to the student for subsequent assessments. If your department does not wish to pay for the first assessment, put "student will pay" in the account number field in the database.


Instituted by the Graduate School, the J-hold is placed on certain graduate students’ records, requiring them to complete an English language screening before they can register for classes. It ensures that all graduate students have sufficient English proficiency to be successful at UT.

In order to remove a J-hold, international students must go through an English language skills screening, which is administered by English Language Center faculty. This screening is done via Zoom and may be scheduled online.

Visit the J-Hold page to learn more

Additional English Support

We offer English courses for admitted international students who seek to develop and improve their academic listening, reading and written skills to enhance their academic success.

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