Drugs and Alcohol

Prescription Medication

There are different laws governing certain prescription medications. Sometimes substances that are legal in the United States can be illegal abroad. Check with On Call International to verify whether your prescription is permitted in the destination country. If not, consult with your physician.

Alcohol & Drug Use

Drug use is not advised at any time. The U.S. Embassy will not assist you are arrested because of illegal substances.

Alcohol consumption and alcohol content can vary from country to country. In some locations, the consumption of alcohol is not permitted at all. Some areas may not permit women to drink in public. Be aware of any religious holidays, cultural norms, and laws about alcohol consumption.

Make yourself aware of the cultural norms when it comes to alcohol consumption. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do people have just one pint with dinner or out with friends?
  • Is it the norm to become intoxicated while at a pub or dance hall?
  • How is public intoxication or public consumption viewed in your host country?
  • For more information about alcohol abroad, please see the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking.

If consuming alcohol, do so responsibly. Have a designated driver and/or a friend who will remain sober for the evening. Drinks should never be left unattended. Cover your drink using your hand if walking through a crowd.