International SOS Member Resources

For the rare occasions when students or faculty/staff encounter an emergency while overseas, UT Austin partners with International SOS, the world’s leader in international healthcare, medical assistance, and security services, which has 27 alarm centers and 31 clinics around the world.

When you call the ISOS hotline (available 24/7), you will be connected to the alarm center most appropriate for addressing your concerns. This could include but isn’t limited to:

  • Medical advice
  • Referral
  • Arranging medical appointments
  • Activating ambulances
  • Arranging home/hotel visits and bedside nursing and monitoring
  • Replacing a prescription
  • Evacuation

And any other medical, personal, travel, or legal problems that arise when you’re outside your home country. Remember: it's free to talk and get advice when you're stuck in a difficult situation. Don't hesitate to call - they are eager to help!

Emergency Phone Numbers

Dedicated UT System Line


ISOS Main Line


Dedicated Scholastic Hotline

1-215-942-8478 ISOS



Before You Leave

Log into the International SOS website with the UT Member Login 11BSGC000037 to register for health and security email alerts and review valuable, comprehensive, and timely country-specific information.

Get an International SOS membership card. These can be printed online if you do not already have a hard copy. This card contains UT’s membership number and important phone numbers.

Ensure you download the International SOS app, which has a 24/7 virtual chat feature: International SOS App Assistance App User Guide.

About ISOS

International SOS is not an insurance company but is used by many insurance companies because of its 25 years of experience and its worldwide network of more than 68,000 credentialed providers. International SOS has medical and security experts fluent in more than 100 languages and dialects as well as dedicated air ambulances across the globe to move patients to centers of better care when needed. Because of its relationship with providers, ISOS is also often able to provide preferential pricing.

So, if you run out of medication in Budapest, need to see a doctor in Beijing, lose your passport in Ghana, or encounter a medical or security crisis anywhere in the world, help from a caring professional is just a phone call away.

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