International Crisis Advisory Team

The International Crisis Advisory Team (ICAT) is a specially selected group responsible for responding to an international emergency or crisis situation.

This includes emergency response responsibilities, such as providing services to UT travelers abroad in times of crisis. In urgent situations, it also includes making recommendations to suspend programs and/or mandate the evacuation of UT travelers to a safe haven.

The ICAT is chaired by the Director of Global Risk & Safety and meets in September, November, February, and April of each year, or as needed, to discuss and develop crisis management protocols, as well as address any outstanding crisis management concerns.

The ICAT defines a crisis as “any event that harms or jeopardizes the health, safety, or security of UT Austin students, faculty, or staff in a foreign country, necessitating immediate involvement and/or action by the university.” If an incident is limited in scope and severity, Texas Global or Dean of Students staff typically respond without involving the ICAT.

ICAT Members

Texas Global

Office of the President

Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs

Office of the Dean of Students

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

College of Liberal Arts

Travel Management Services

University Health Services

UT Police Department