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A Roadmap to (Re) Engaging with Mexico

  • Feb 20, 2018
  • Global Engagement & Strategy

After almost a decade of restrictions on travel and study abroad to Mexico, The University of Texas at Austin has fast-tracked efforts to make Mexico-based study abroad programs more accessible to U.S. undergraduate students. "A Roadmap to (Re) Engaging with Mexico" is a guide for other U.S. institutions of higher education to establish or expand educational programming in Mexico.

A Roadmap to (Re) Engaging with Mexico: a guide for U.S. institutions of higher education to establish or expand educational programming to Mexico

  • Chapter 1: Evaluating Health and Safety for Abroad Programs

  • Chapter 2: Gaining Support from Faculty, Academic Advisors, and University Administrators

  • Chapter 3: Overcoming Negative Myths and Perceptions in Order to Dispel Stereotypes

  • Chapter 4: Collaborating through both Old and New Models

  • Chapter 5: Marketing Ideas for Countering the American Fixation on Europe

  • Chapter 6: Accessing Partnerships beyond Traditional Bilateral Cooperation


The webinar and in-person workshops listed below were facilitated by Monya Lemery and Jess Miller.

Monya Lemery headshot.

Monya Lemery
Associate Director, Education Abroad


Jess Miller Headshot.

Jess Miller
International Risk & Insurance Analyst, UT System


This free webinar which will walk you through establishing the foundation for successful (re)engagement with Mexico.


Quickly jump-start programming in Mexico:

  • Addressing health and safety concerns
  • New program development
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Q&A

If you missed the webinar or want access to the slide deck, you can reference the PowerPoint Presentation or the Webinar Recording.

Workshops and Presentations

In 2018, we have presented several in-person workshop to jump-start development of Mexico programming at your institution and to delve deeper than the webinar.

  • A Roadmap to (Re) Engaging Mexico Workshop: Temple University Center City, Philadelphia, PA; May 29, 2018
  • AMPEI Conference, Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico; October 2018
  • Benjamin Franklin Library, Mexico City, Mexico; November 2018


This workshop is geared towards U.S. institutions who want to jump-start study abroad programming in Mexico after a period of reduced mobility. Agenda includes:

  • Background on the Mexico Roadmap Project
  • Risk Mitigation and Crisis Management
  • Program Development and Marketing Strategies

Download Agenda >

Conference Presentations

Higher Education Partnership Conference, Cartagena, Colombia, September 2018

Fulbright Association Conference, Puebla, Mexico, November 2018

Poster Session

Diversity Abroad Conference 2018
Roadmap to Re-engagement: A Case Study on U.S. Education Abroad to Mexico

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