a view of the mountains in ecuador

New 2021 Faculty-led Programs Offer Students Customized Experience Abroad

  • Jun 8, 2020

Five new 2021 faculty-led programs will give students the opportunity to explore a unique destination abroad and gain hands-on international experiences, learning from a UT faculty member and studying alongside a cohort of their peers.

Faculty-led programs are short-term, UT-sponsored and accredited education abroad opportunities that range from four to 10 weeks, serving every major and spanning the globe. As program participants learn about a regional issue through the course, they are also enriching their learning through location-specific activities and resources, combining research opportunities, visits to local organizations and service-learning experiences. 

“Studying abroad under the direction of some of the most exciting, engaging and experienced faculty members on campus adds a dimension to learning that can only be realized outside the classroom,” said Education Abroad Director Heather Thompson. “Led by professors with in-depth international experience and networks, these programs connect course content to a specific international location, ensuring students are gaining a global perspective.”

From global sustainability in Singapore, biodiversity in Ecuador, to the arts in Mexico, the programs will take place in 2021 and applications will open this fall. 

Global Sustainability and Renewable Resources (BIO 337) – Singapore

Associate Professor Sata Sathasivan, College of Natural Sciences

a view of singapore and the ocean

For students interested in energy, resource management, technology or sustainability, this program will introduce students to the advanced renewable resources technologies in Singapore including renewable energy, closed-loop complete utilization of potable water and advanced material recycling. Students will be introduced to the sustainable world practices in renewable energy and experience the leading technologies being implemented successfully in Singapore. 

Language and Culture: Understanding Bilingual / ESL Elementary Classroom – Puerto Rico (ALD 330 / ALD 329)

Professor Cinthia Salinas & Professor Maria Fránquiz, College of Education

a view of puerto rico

This unique program located in Puerto Rico is open to all students and does not require a passport. The program focuses on language in bilingual and English-as-a-second-language academic and cultural spaces. Students will learn the importance of sustaining the linguistic and cultural assets of the many diverse communities served by educators, working in local elementary schools and being immersed in Puerto Rican culture.

Engaging the Arts as Audience: Mexican Arts and Youth (FA 313C) – Mexico

Associate Professor Roxanne Schroeder-Arce, College of Fine Arts

a view of mexico city

Students will witness the breadth of music, dance, theatre and visual arts in the cultural mecca of Mexico City. Students will discover and appreciate Mexican art from music to dance to theater through live performances, museum visits and discussions with artists.

Security and Society in Central Europe (REE 335) – Poland

Assistant Professor Michael Mosser, College of Liberal Arts

the old city in warsaw

Through close partnerships with local experts and curated excursions, participants will delve into the social and security policies of the region. Students will examine the history and overview of social and security policies in the region including NATO, EU security, cybersecurity, criminal justice, migration and more. This course offers credit toward International Relations and Global Studies: Security Track, European, Russian, East European, and Eurasian area studies; Clements Center Certificate in Security Studies; and upper-division core or elective credit for government, European studies and Russian, East European, and Eurasian area studies majors.

The Politics of Protecting the Great Barrier Reef (GOV 355M) – Australia

Senior Lecturer Rhonda Evans, College of Liberal Arts

the great barrier reef in australia

This Maymester introduces students to the complex world of environmental politics and policy. Students will examine the current state of the Great Barrier Reef and delve into evidence-based policymaking. The course will introduce students to the people who seek to shape the public policies that impact the Great Barrier Reef and allow them to engage in discussions and learn about the complex array of competing interests that affect the reef.

These new programs join a line-up of 27 Maymesters taking place next year and coordinated by Texas Global Education Abroad, in addition to one spring, 12 summer and two fall faculty-led programs. We are also pleased to partner with the School of Undergraduate Studies to offer three signature course Maymesters in Spain, Mexico and Ireland. UT coordinates more than 80 faculty-led programs each year, with numerous programs administered by departments and colleges across campus. 

According to the latest Open Doors study by the Institute of International Education, UT has the third-highest study abroad participation among U.S. universities, with more than 4,400 Longhorns participating in over 400 abroad programs across 100 countries each year. Students can take advantage of virtual advising to start planning their study abroad.