Sentinel IV, a bronze sculpture with a thin, long body with a large half-sphere head, stands in the middle of the Anna Hiss Gymnasium Courtyard on a bright day.

Sculpture Rising from African Diaspora Installed in UT Courtyard

  • Aug 17, 2021

Landmarks, the university’s public art program, acquired an art piece titled "Sentinel IV" by Simone Leigh to offer opportunities for reflection and engagement in the courtyard of the Anna Hiss Gymnasium. The sculpture honors Black femininity while also investigating historical and intersecting ideas of race, beauty, and the association of Black women’s bodies with utility and work. 

Simone Leigh's work draws upon the African diaspora—cultures and people that originated in the African continent and circulated either through forced or voluntary means around the world. Within this framework, Leigh appropriates visual traditions from Africa, the American south, and the Caribbean to create works that reflect the many histories, identities, and experiences expressed across the diaspora. 

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