Dell Medical School's windowed exterior reflects the sunset light. A golden conch seashell sculpture commands the foreground.

International Students Join Incoming Dell Medical Class

  • Aug 24, 2021

Dell Medical School’s Class of 2025 is the newest cohort of medical students ready to carry forward Dell Med's mission to revolutionize the way people get and stay healthy. The cohort of 50 students includes two international students.

Originally from Bayamo, Cuba, Arhian Albis Ramos understands the difficulties immigrant communities face. Now a proud Texan with a UT Austin B.S.A. degree in biochemistry, Ramos is eager to serve his community as a physician. 

Karim Baho is driven by what he calls “the immigrant mentality,” which he describes as one of hard work, dedication, discipline and ambition—incidentally, also qualities of Baho’s hero: his mother, a cardiologist practicing in his hometown of Damascus, Syria. 

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