Beautiful architecture and orange roofs in Prague, Czechia

Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Receives $2 Million in Grants

  • Sep 7, 2022

The University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies received $2 million in federal funding in August.  

The United States Department of Education awarded two Title VI grants to the center for a four-year grant period, 2022-2026. Title VI grants are offered to institutions that develop and maintain capacity and performance in area/international studies and world languages.  

Mary Neuburger, director of the center, said she hopes the grant will allow further promotion of the study of Eastern Europe and Eurasia. The center plans to support an unprecedented number of students from the region and help fund an online, open education resource for Slavic languages.  

“Another (hope) is outreach to the campus community and the public to raise awareness,” Neuburger said, “because a lot of people have certain stereotypes about Russia or know very little about important areas, like Ukraine, which … is involved in this war. It’s really important for people to understand not just the war but the cultures of the people there.”  

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